Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Butter's Play day.

Today was Butter's end of year play in which she played a turtle. She had been practicing her lines for weeks. I wasn't sure how she'd do because being the speaker that I am I did more coaching. I'd be one of the "stage" mother's if I didn't hate pageants so much. I kept trying to tell her smile when you say it, make sure you speak loudly, without shouting, we want to hear you. I think she was ready to shoot me. But in the end she did a GREAT job. Here watch and see:

Rob brought her flowers and you should have heard all the "oohs." and gasps when he walked in with flowers. He gets BIG time points for that! After the play the kids got Popsicles and played outside on the play ground, Butter came up to me and asked if she could go to James house.

Yes, ladies James. A boy. I played my "We don't know his parents." card. Not to be swayed she said "Over there Mom! That's his Mom."

"Butter, I don't know her..." I don't even get to finish when she and James are dragging this other woman over to me. We say hello and as they both ask "can we play?" She and I size each other up, and thank goodness she says "Well, I think we should get together as families first. We could play at the park together, have a picnic..."

Both Butter and James run off leaving us to sit in silence. It was so awkward. She then says to me "James has memorized "Butter's" number."

I reply "Yes, he's called our house..." I think we were both caught in a twilight zone or something. Here I am in my jean skirt and blouse-y shirt all you know, Kate Gosselin looking, and here she is with her tight white jeans and ear piercings and did she just smile and have her tongue pierced? Rocker look. I'm not judging, I'm NOT, but having been around James a few times too many and now meeting the parental figure lets just say things make sense now. I can do playground, I'm probably not going to have one on one play dates...did I mention he was swatting at his Mom because she said they couldn't go to McDonalds for lunch? (And this was after our conversation.) I'm hoping the Birthday tea party goes much better and she'll decide to play with girls.

This is Butter with her Teacher Mrs. Zobitz.

It hasn't hit her yet, but I think come Friday she will be a awfully sad girl.

Speaking of sad...would you look at these blindingly white legs!

Good grief I need self tanner and a sun lamp!!!!!

Last night Rob and I were in bed, shh this isn't dirty, We were talking about the Bachelorette and the crazy things people do. How some times they make the guys sing and they just stink, but it's funny. I was saying to Rob, "Hey I think you should rap for me. You can write poetry, so you are good at rhyming." He laughed and said he'd need to work on his beat-boxing skills. Then we came up with some STELLAR names. I think you'll like it. But I'm not revealing those yet...


  1. She did great! And - so did Rob! I hate those awkward play date moments. I've been through that and my sister had a bad situation with her daughter last year. Coincidentally she is Butter's age and the friend was a boy named James... hang tough!

  2. What a sweet daddy, bringing flowers! My dad brought me roses to my ballet recitals when I was a kid, and it was ALWAYS a hit with everybody. She's so cute!

  3. what a great job she did! i love how they stayed in sync together...that's hard to do!

    for your legs...i have the SAME problem. i read over at Linda's (i think it was her blog) that you tried the Jergan's lotion/tanner and hated the smell. me TOO! i hated that stuff. i tried and tried it thinking i'd get used to the disgusting smell but i never did. so, becuse i had a coupon, i tried the foaming Jergan's tanning lotion, and i LOVE it! i have seen results in just a couple of days (yea...i'm pretty much albino!) and IT DOESN'T STINK! it dries quickly and doesn't feel sticky either. give it a try...you might like it. and if you don't...sorry!


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