Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Answer me this?

It's been awhile since I played WYAW. And it's not Wednesday, so I technically can't play WYAW, so I'm doing Answer me this Tuesday.
  1. What movie are you dying to see?
  2. What is your favorite treat to eat at the theater? (whether you sneak it in or buy it there)
  3. Who would you want to be in a movie with?
  4. Who would be your love interest?
  5. and finally what kind of movie would it be?

I am all about the movies, it has been so long, too long since I've been to one.

I got knocked out of whack last week thinking it was actually this week and the new Harry Potter movie was out, I was so disappointed when I couldn't see it Saturday.

On with my answers:

  1. Umm, Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince followed very closely by New Moon (the 2nd in Twilight series) with Toy Story 3 rounding out the top three.
  2. Sour Patch Kids and Reese pieces, I sneak them in with a bottle of whatever soda, I feel like drinking. I would LOVE popcorn, but that is hard to smuggle in and the stuff they sell is ALWAYS stale! How can it smell like fresh popcorn when it isn't fresh!!! Baffling.
  3. ooh, Meryl Streep, or Tom Hanks, no wait! Kate Winslet!
  4. Hugh Jackman. he is STUNNING.
  5. I would go with deserted on a desert island disaster movie because I would want Hugh as wet and semi naked as possible for the entire movie, and I'd have to be grabbing him while he saved me and Tom or Meryl would be my devastated family waiting for me to be found and Kate could be the obnoxious girl who bravely dies in the end when Hugh chooses to save me over her! SPLENDID! When do we start shooting?????


  1. You are hilarious!!!!

    I'm going to agree with you on number 1!

    2 - Sour patch kids (I guess I agree with you there, too) and popcorn (our movie theater's is GOOD)

    3 - Al Pacino, and I want to play a mobster's daughter

    4 - Milo Ventimiglia

    5 - Mobster movie with a love story! Not unlike the Godfather! Haha

  2. You totally took my Hugh Jackman!

  3. 1. Harry Potter for sure. I have already ordered my tickets for tomorrow evening!

    2. My local theatre in my hometown has cotton candy, but most don't. That is DEFINITELY my favorite!

    3. Brad Pitt- duh!

    4. haha BRAD PITT- DUH!

    5. One that involved lots of making out. LOL

  4. You make me SMILE. :) I do believe they have a popcorn air freshener spray as well.

    1. Hands down, New Moon.
    2. Cherry Nibs - I load up the big purse at Dollar Tree.
    3. Tom Hanks - all time favorite actor.
    4. Hugh Jackman - ummmm, did you see Australia? Yeah. Nough said.
    5. dramady, just like my life only WAY better, lol.

    It was SO good to talk to you this week, we must do it more often. :)


  5. 1. NEW MOON and HP!!!!!
    2. I could eat a whole HUGE tub of that buttery popcorn with a cup of Diet Pepsi.
    3. Hmmmm, this is a tough. Either Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, or Will Smith.
    4. I am SOOOOOO with you on Hugh. Heart be still.
    5. I want to be in a remake of YOUR movie.....only I'd take your place after you've moved on to bigger and better films. :-)

  6. 1. my sister's keeper and Harry Potter
    2. milk duds!
    3. will smith, jodie foster
    4. mel gibson
    5. either comedy or a period piece!

  7. 1. transformers...just cuz i'm a mom to boys. although we aren't letting them see it. boo hoo for them.

    2. red vines all the way baby!

    3. gwyneth paltrow. she's gorgeous, calm & seems down to earth. i'd like to hang with her.

    4 & 5. hmm, so many to pick from. and after reading your answers i'm just too distracted to come up with one! ☺

  8. Girl, i just typed a big ol' answer out, and then blogger froze. UUUGHHH!
    well, the gist of my answer was - I'm can't wait to see My Sister's Keeper - I would want to be in a movie with Reese Witherspoon - and love interest would be Josh Holloway (I know, not a movie actor, but still very yummy). :)


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