Friday, July 31, 2009

Feeling "Cheery"

I have been facebooking like crazy lately. It's fun. A different kind of fun then blogging, see you are out there, YOU not the blog you, but the real (named) you. Connecting with in real life people. Unless you're ME, I'm more real HERE on the blog then on facebook, I feel comfortable saying things if you were to ask me on facebook, "Sar, how are you?" I'd say "Oh, I'm great. Thanks for asking."
But here you get the story...well, today I feel like crap, had a fight with my mom....blah blah blah.
I can't SAY that on facebook, no I'm not "friends" with my mom, but I don't need everyone knowing THAT much about me. So anyway, I've run across some of you gals who I know from your blogs. I feel like you are my sisters, and a bunch of fake IDS! HA. No worries, I keep secrets well, or I mean identities anyway. Remember the "book" I've posted. Ava is on my Facebook, Charlie won't have me...He's to world famous now. I do believe I've found Megan though. Time will tell for that. Moving on to the real point.
I went to three out of the four elementary school where I grew up, so when I got to Jr. High (it was Jr. high back then NOT middle school, we went to Elem through 6th grade and 7th, 8th and 9th for Jr high)
When I got to Jr high I knew nearly everyone. That could be a good thing right? No, not really, see we all had to find our places as it were and I had an older sister that was in the popular crowd. She hated me, hated I existed. So alot of my peers took to calling me nasty names and picking on me terribly. One guy in particular, I'm going to call him "Ted" was ruthless. Now he and I had been in elementary together, he came to a couple of my birthday parties. He turned into a bully. He started calling me Gappy. I had terrible teeth and my parents wouldn't fix them until tenth grade. I see eight year olds with braces nowadays! Sheesh!
And Gongo, it was the eighties, big glasses were in even if you were a petite little thing.
Oh, I can't tell you how bad this hurt. To make things worse, we were split into bunches, where instead of having a different class with different teachers, we'd have the same core group, that just rotated to the teachers for classes. Guess who was in my group? "Wade".
It was a living hell. He was there for gym class, SWIMMING section! He was there for Math, English, he even rode my BUS. I could not get away from this jerk.
I found a girl on facebook, we were friends over one summer...started talking to her and she said to me..."I remember you had teeth too big for your head." NICE. Thanks for bringing that up.
I "laughed" it off and said funny how braces and contacts work and how lovely she is now too! hint hint.
Anyway, I woke up the find a friend request from "Ted". He found me I'm sure through this gal...
In my reply to him I said "Hey it's me Gongo Gappy! Do you remember me?"
I am actually looking forward to reconnecting and hearing about his life. His teasing brought me to the gal you now know here at iSass. And after the wedding I just went to I feel like I could stare down a cobra and make it wish it never looked at me funny!
In cheering we would say:
The other end would answer back.
(all together)
Hey, I didn't write it! I didn't even want to be a cheerleader. My stinkin best friend made we practise for weeks with her and then talked me into trying out with her because I helped her remember it. Did I mention we aren't friends anymore because I got two sports and she got the LAST possible position on girls basketball. (It's like the token cheer squad, you came, you tried, you sucked more, here's girls basketball) All I did was be my loud*ss self. She was devastated and I was a mix between psyched and paranoid. Cheerleaders weren't exactly popular in High School, but they were their own group...I did my fall sport soccer. I persuaded the coach to let Meem on the team to help her get ready for G'basketball. I was going to quit my wrestling spot and go on girls basketball with her...she took my wrestling spot. It was fine, for me, I hated doing the pep rallies, I never wore the full uniform. I wore black Nike's high tops and boxers under my skirt. I wasn't wearing those bloomers, I heard what guys said about that...I was a rebel. I may have lost my friend because she couldn't handle loosing out, but I started to find myself, and I wasn't going to let someone tell me how to be.
Man, did that sound like a spoiled teenager or what?
Today, I am leaving my husband and children and going out for some girl bonding time!!!!
My friend, Molly, is in town again and we are having a girls day, shopping, movie, dinner. I can't wait. I need a break and a break from Hubby, he is very cranky. He found out yesterday his vacation CAN'T start until Wednesday. He is very bummed over this. He is intimately involved with this client and has to be there. He will then just take the following Monday and Tuesday off. But he was really looking forward to today being his last day. I know how that feels!
Have a great weekend!


  1. You're good enough. You're smart enough. And gosh darn it, people Like you. Don't let any Ted tell you different.

    I hope you had a great time with Molly!


  2. ahh facebook, the good & the bad. and if we really knew, REALLY KNEW way back when of how devastating things would be. things we said, things we heard, things we did...oh my heart hurts all over again. and for you too! way to take all that crap and allow God to turn it into a beautiful sara we all love today!

  3. Lol, I'm glad I found you on facebook, and I totally understand. Since I keep my blog under a pseudonym and since the people I don't like don't know about it, I can be more free there than I can on facebook (which, as I mentioned before, the "really bad ones" are blocked, but I still have people on there that shouldn't know every morsel of my mind...)

    BTW, I'll count your Harry Potter vote! ;)


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