Thursday, July 30, 2009

What summer?

It's Thursday the last tinkering days of July, WOW I can't believe July is gone and we have had NO 90 degree days. Sad really.
So Wonderbread is in need of a vacation, he's taking time off work. Which means we will be using our time wisely to do some "fun" things around us. I think the kids really need some fun too. I have two books I need to read and get back to the library I only have them for 10 days.
I just wanted to let you know, because , well, I haven't go the next chapter written yet. I know what it will be about but I having a hard time getting it there.
August is one of my favorite months it means the fair is coming. oooooo
It means school is fast approaching. yehhhhhh
It means it is nearly time for the apple orchard. YESSSSS
And my favorite season Autumn. Crisp cool nights, warm breezy days. Less bugs, no humidity. Although you really can't prove global warming to me this summer, we've had five count them 5 days of 90 degrees. That's it. And two of them happened in May. SAY WHAT!?!?!
So if I don't post here for awhile you'll know why. You can find me on facebook...if you'd like.
Otherwise, I'll keep working on that next chapter and post it as soon as I feel good about it.


  1. Hearing your descriptive autumn words made me so anxious for it! Crisp - cool. Ohh! I love love Autumn! :) Our summer has been just as you described. SO different than what we are used to. It makes me wonder if we might get a super hot September and October or something.
    Enjoy some fun vacation time with the family!

  2. enjoy the time with your family! i too am looking forward to fall...already! this 'not-so-summery' summer has me craving fall even more!

  3. enjoy your time! I am a summer girl, so I never want summer to end...well, except for the back to school part! :)

  4. We should really get together on facebook, lol.

    Enjoy these last days of summer...but I cannot wait for fall.

  5. and fair means FOOOOOD! ☺ nummy in my tummy. okay, so i'll admit JUST A LITTLE bit that you've started the craving for me for fall. just a little bit. btw, your comments lately have cracked me up. hot flashes eh?

  6. I love Autumn ... my favorite season.


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