Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gee, that was a good time!

You know it's going to be a good time if you sit up in bed and yell out "Hey Daddio!"
Apparently, that's what I did at about 2AM in the wee hours of the fourth of July.
I have no idea what I was dreaming about, but Wonderbread said that's what I said.
Some how I don't believe him, but whatever.
The 4th of July has always been something special for me. Holds deep and lasting memories.
When I was 2, we spent the 4th at the farm. I got to milk the cows, play with all the kittens in the hall barn, ride the tractor and almost lost my most prized possession: the pointer finger on my right hand I used for sucking!
My sister and I would chase the propeller fireworks and stick them on our fingers, I got it all the way on mine and it got stuck. My dad thought it would be "funny" to tell me they'd have to cut my finger off with Uncle Al's hachet, which he just so happened to have in his hand and was waving it at me. (Now, you can see why I don't talk to this man anymore right?)
A little ice and butter did the trick. I learned to stay far far away from fireworks. And to stay away from my dad.
July 4th 1990 was spent watching the New Kids on the Block in concert! SA-WEET!
My 4th out in Boston 1993: FABULOUS. UNBELIEVABLE.
The late 90's were spent at a little hometown parade and house hopping along the river. Those were a lot of fun, a lot of drinking and so "over" once I grew out of that phase.
Now we spend the 4th at Wonderbread's cousin's house. Laurie and her husband Paul live on a lake and have a beautiful home. It is done big. Lots of food, family, friends, music and of course TONS of fireworks!
The lake is very low this year, all that green out past the umbrella is suppose to be under water. There was no pontoon rides this year. Which was a real bummer.
Butter enjoyed the water, and the fact that she could walk out well past the dock and still only be in to her waist. Of course that was out of yelling range so we said she couldn't go past the last pole. She was full on sand by the end of the day.
Poptart spent his day on the tire swing: "Spin ME! Spin ME!"
And when that wore him out he headed over to the slipnslide to cool off.
I ate myself silly. Mostly of Mom's deviled eggs! She makes them twice a year, Easter and the 4th. She made 4 dozen and they were gone in an hour. There were so many salads and beans and bars and burgers...sorry no pictures, my hands were always full around the food! As the sunset it was time to bust out the illegals!

Across the lake at ten the city lights off there fireworks, but before that happens, Paul and three of his neighbors do their show, which was rumored this year to be $10,000. (Spilt 4 ways.) And I'm not talking fire crackers and sparklers!
Poptart nestled in
Butter and her Daddy
After the finally of the cities fireworks the four neighbors, light the rest of their stash and it is incredible to see. I put my camera down and enjoyed the show.
We then hit the tent for some dancing, Butter, Wonderbread and I cut a rug while Poptart slept through the fireworks and the rest of the night. Including being carried to and buckled into his car seat. This is what he looked like when we got home.
If I were to turn this picture upside down he'd look like a (big) baby ready to come out of the womb! My sweet boy.
Good times! Thank you LAURIE!!!!


  1. Looks like a fabulous time!!!

    All that food - spectacular fire works (loved your pictures) - dancing.

    Serious good times.

  2. that sounds like the perfect 4th of July!!!! and some wonderful memories to boot!

  3. fireworks, relaxing, and devilled eggs- sounds like a good time to me too!

  4. now why can't i ever get a pix of fireworks like these?! great job, they are beautiful. the smiles on your cutie patooties are priceless. don't you just wish moments like this lasted longer? btw, thanks for the lovin' the other day. i can always count on you to be real & encouraging with your words. that is a gift to me sweet friend!


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