Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going to the game...

I haven't felt much like blogging lately, mostly because the kids are around and there is no more nap times.
Or I have to fight Poptart for the computer. See he likes watching Michael Jackson videos on youtube. If he knows I'm on the computer he knows the computer is on, which means a few clicks away from MJ. I can't really say "Hey kid get off the computer!" If I'm constantly on it.
Plus I've become addicted to Facebook and starting Twitter...
I now want an iphone, really badly...
Tonight we are going to the Twins/Yankee game. I'm not terrible excited. I don;t like baseball, there is not enough action, unless you count the chatty ladies behind us or the drunk guys over to the left or the family two rows down that get one of everything every time a vendor goes by.
Rob gets tickets from work, they have season tickets and we are getting an outdoor stadium. I really think these people forgot we live in Minnesota, where we get like an average of 10 sunny nice days a year. The rest are COLD or Rain or too humid to walk outside in. Oh and did I mention our state bird the Mosquito? To be honest this year hasn't been too bad, but when the sun goes down, you better have some deet.
Another reason I'm not looking forward to the game:
Wonder is a Yankee fan. BIG Yankee fan. He'll be wearing his Yankee hat I'm sure, an then he'll throw on his Twins shirt and his Vikings jacket. It's embarrassing really. But at least he doesn't wear one of the obnoxious cheese hat things!
I'm also afraid of getting hit by a ball. It's happened once before, years ago I was sitting there eating my peanuts and heard the crack of the bat, then suddenly realized the ball was headed straight toward where I was sitting. It landed a row down from me on a ladies' head! Yes, she was taking away by ambulance. Granted these seats aren't in center field, they are 10 rows up from first base. I could still get cracked. Heck if that pitcher wants to throw someone out on first base and the first baseman misses his catch...I could be knocked out!
I'd really rather be at a football game. I like the intensity. I like that Bret Farve will soon be playing for us! Got my eye on a cute little purple shirt with the #4 on it!
What I DO like about going to the games is (when the game is close or we are winning) the crowd is great, I like looking around and seeing that we are all there for the same thing.
Right now, I am listening, and NOT by choice to my neighbor sing some atrocious headbanging weirdo music. I have the windows open and he is across the street and every now and then I hear something like "UH, YEH. OWA. That's the way we...YEH! Make is seem...(and screeching)" I feel like Simon Cowell.
I just want to yell out the window: You're making my ears bleed with that rubbish!
I took the kids to see a magician today at the library. He was really good. Pulled a bunny out of a book! Rang a dollar bill into a glass of water and out came a fish. Poured water through a kids' belly button into a waiting glass. Next week is some Yo-yo twirler...should be good.
It is now nearing 4PM which is our time to stop what we are doing and watch Fetch with Ruff Ruffman. It's on PBS, it's pretty cool.
I'm also going to load my kids up with candy we've gathered from parades so the don't ask for stuff at the game! We can't afford it!


  1. Ooh, have fun at the game! I agree, it is kind of slow-moving, but it can be a fun family activity, I guess. I personally prefer football, too - way more action.

    We were at a Mariners/Red Sox game once and a ball came and slammed into my knee. I was ok, but I know how you feel - scary. And after all of that, we didn't even get the ball - it rolled off me and into the seats in front of us.

    I twittered for awhile but I just don't have time to keep up with it. Do you like it?

  2. We went to see the Red Sox last year...sooo much fun. But I would be scared, too, if I saw someone get hit by a ball!!!

  3. even though you don't like baseball...i hope you have a nice time being with your family! watch out for those fly balls!!!!

    oh, and because i'm a Chicago Bears fan, i won't support you in your Brett Favre excitment. we here in the Windy City aren't big fans of his!!! (he, he!!)

    i enjoyed this post and all the comings and goings you have going on! i like to have my windows open too, but all i hear are kids screaming bloody murder during the day...our neighbors across the street have siblings that simply can't get along!!! UGH!

  4. I hope the game was fun!?

    I want an iphone really badly too. My husband laughs when I bring it up. Dang...

  5. I LOVE baseball......and I miss being in a city with a major league team!!! jealous!


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