Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am now a Tweet.

Or is that a Twit?

Not sure...

As if you haven't had enough of me and my sass, I am on Twitter, now if Wonderbread would just say YES to that iphone!!!!!!!!!

I'm also on facebook, some of you know this already.

It's funny how last year I got paranoid about our privacy and went through my posts and changed ALL of our names. And Now, I'm twittering and facebooking...

I don't have enough followers to were worry, and besides I have a guard dog and she is vicious!

See that, she's make faces at you with her tongue. Watch out people she licks! She has a nasty yip too! We are talking bleeding ears!

No, my Twinkies didn't win last night. WonderBread likes to give our sports teams nicknames, it started as a "hobby" for him in High School, Irondale (Knights), when he chrisianed the cheerleaders at his school the Knightmares. Ha ha get it kNIGHTMARES? Okay, so maybe I'm the only one that thinks that's clever and funny. Here are his names as follows:

  • Minnesota Vikings~ The Queens very soon to be called the FARVKINGS! oooowaoooowa
  • MN Timberwolves~Lumberpuppies
  • MN Twins~Twinkies

He doesn't have one for the Wild Hockey team...

Now if you've been under a rock, and Don't know what I'm talking about with Farve...

He's the Ex Packer QB that retired only to say he wanted to play again, the Parkers not wanting him to go to a Central Division team traded him to the Jets, where he played well, until he got hurt and retired. NOW, he has had surgery and NO strings holding him back from playing here where he wanted to play all along. Sorry, Pollie I'm gonna eat some cheese this year. I'm kidding, I actually LOVE all the Central Division teams except the Lions. I still like Tampa, from when they were in it. I thought the games against those teams are so fun to watch. My favorite team however is and always will be the Patriots. They were the first team I ever saw live, the have great heart and a talented TEAM. As opposed to one or two talented players expected to make it. Argh I hate that about the Vikings. They can never get it RIGHT! Even the Packers and Bears know how to build a team. I'm not going to pretend I know anymore than that about football, I'd be the long kicker if I were to play! I just love me some tackle, pass, run, catch and tight white pants on muscled butts! HooWA.

As for the baseball game last night:

Buttered Toast was really into it, loved watching the speed of the pitches and got into the cheering and booing (especially for A-rod) Poptart had ants in his pants ALL NIGHT LONG. It was annoying. He is now banned from movie theaters AND games. Can't sit still. We ended up staying 5 innings which is 3 more then I had expected. Next time I won't forget the MONEY!!!!

As we were getting out of the car, Dad dropped us off so we didn't have to park, Wonder says:

"Leave your purse. I'll carry the candy."

Sounds good to ME! Then once inside I realized I didn't grab the money out of my wallet which is now in the car on it's way home. We were all pretty thirsty. I normally never have cash, so leaving my purse isn't a big deal...yeah, and I'm still telling that to Butter, who is complaining she has stripped throat! Umm, honey that's strep, strep throat and NO you don't have it.


  1. I think you should worry a little more about people who are reading your posts, because there are unsavory characters like me, who have been lurking but not making comments lately. Anyway - thought I would let you know I was still here, just been really busy.

  2. That is an ADORABLE dog! As a Packers fan I LOVED Favre for years. I even split my love with NY last year. Now, I'm just wishing he would hang up his helmet and move on. :(

  3. You know WAY more about football than me... I'm an "indoor" girl. Maybe I'll try to change that this year...? Hmm. Wouldn't it be fun to go see a game together? After all, I may already be a winner in the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. Mail last night said so.

    I think your husband IS clever, those names are a hoot!

    Call me resourceful (cheap, poor, etc. lol) but my purse always comes into the theater... how else can I smuggle the Dollar Store candy in?

    Much Love

  4. yea...Favre...not gonna go there again!

    glad you ended up having a nice time last night...and didn't get hit with a fowl ball...bonus!

    i don't tweet (or twit?). my hubby says i don't need another obsession and i think i agree with him on that one. : )


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