Friday, August 28, 2009

MN State Fair 2009

This is actually the the END...see I took this picture when we got home. I gave Piper her treat, that we brought her from the fair. A nice peanut butter doogie treat from a booth that sold pet stuff. She thanked me by racing to the bedroom and "claiming the pillows". Yeah, doggie I may love you enough to bring you treats home, but you ain't getting my pillows! We START the day with this...
ohhhh, you have no idea how sinful these little minis are! It's a MUST, we strategically park so that we come in at this end of the fairgrounds, to have our cinne smiths first thing in the AM.
Then we head down the street to the 'Little Farm hands' exhibit.

They get their buckets and aprons and it's off to the farm for some work!

Gotta plow the fields.

Photo break...look at that handsome farmer and his little, ahem, "animals".

Butter feeding the chickens and collecting eggs.

They practise their milking skills and finish by picking apples and harvesting their goods. It ends with a visit to the store where they get to choose a food item. They have cans of vegetables, mini boxes of cereal and real apples to choose from. Butter has done this for 5 years now, she knows there are boxes of Lucky Charms...she dug through four different bins and found ONE last box of Lucky Charms she was SO thrilled. Roo chose an apple. He likes his apples!
It was off to ride the carnival rides.
On the race cars...oh the smiles on their faces when they'd whip around the corners.

Butter on the bumper boats...

Roo was funny he really did try to hit people.

Butter is somewhere on the swings, this ride makes me sick just watching it.

I made Rob ride the carousel, I can't handle the turning. Blech. Roo picked the zebra. Notice the "Fair hair" on the girls in the picture. Can you imagine getting home adn having to wash that out? Butter never asks and I never offer...
The kids always want to ride the Skyrides. (my blood pressure just spiked!) The fair grounds are huge and we don't bring the stroller on wagon, so at lunch time we ride the skyride back up near where we park. We have a picnic lunch in the car...(It saves money and that way we only get "treats")
Here is Butter and I on the skyride, like how we're both gritting our teeth, that would be terror of heights!

Roo and Daddy look much more relaxed. I told Rob he had to ride with Roo, I would be a nervous wreck with all his moving around. At least with Butter, her fear matched mine and we sat stalk still and hands on the bar at all times!
Roo was so proud of his lego house. He loved his little tree, some boy tried to take it and Roo CRIED so Mama had to go get it back!
And here is Butter's creation, along with her new buddy. They each got a stuffed dog in the pet building. She named hers Stanley. (goodness her hair is getting long.)

On machinery hill they have all kinds of "guy stuff" Roo hopped right in this four-wheeled thing, buckled his belt and says "I want THIS one!" Here would be why...
It was a Vikings painted one! He added "This would match my JERSEY!" He was SO excited. Too bad he can't read the price tag!
Ahhhh, a happy Daddy. Rob could walk past every food vendor, but he can't pass up the beer! I love how the kids hang on him, I get to walk all by myself, like I'm childless and alone. That feels SO good in a crowd! I want to also mention how much a hate crowds. I freak out. The germs, and chance of loosing your child or getting separated...and for the record Rob "lost" it more times then I did. I would be up ahead, you know making the seas part, when I'd hear him holler "NICHOLAS!" I'd turn around and sheer panic would be on his face, I'd then yank my arm and there was our son, he had come up by me. Rob would then roll his eyes and let out his annoyance in a huff. I would calmly say "He's right here. I got him." Oh, the JOY of watching my husband experience parenting at it's most challenging! I won't get into the bathroom shenanigans...
Why are we so happy? Because we are in line for THESE...

mmmmmm, fried cheese curds! They have booths all over the fair, but everyone knows it's the booth in the FOOD building that has the best ones!!!! (I would like to put this on the record: I can only eat about four of these, that is my limit, if I choose to exceed my limit, BAD things happen. We're talking worse then the apricots...nuff said)
Moving on...
Time for roasted corn.
Some of the other things we did, had our picture taken in old time costumes. We do this every few years. It is WAY too expensive otherwise. (I will post that at some other time) We looked at a bunch of wonderful things, Butter bought an outfit for her doll. Roo wanted to buy a John Deere tractor, that Arctic cat four-wheeled thing and all the legos in the lego exhibit. He got a hamburger and sno-cone instead. What we missed this year: The barns and the lumberjack show. Normally we'd get to see these things, but having two small children walking, it slowed the pace quite a but. I'm not complaining, I LIKED stopping and resting every block or so. But the Fair grounds is just too big, for us yet. Before we knew it, the sun had set and it was time to go...

Roo is very happy to be heading home! While Butter and Mommy wanted to say for the Music!
Maybe next year we'll make it to 9PM!

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  1. oh, you visit the fair just like i do!!! I map it out according to where my favorite things to eat are!!! Those cheese curds made my mouth water...I LUV them!!!

    Looks like a great day was had by all!!


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