Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cleaning house.

I am not much for cleaning.
I dread it, I stall, I take my sweet time getting around to it.
There are exceptions: Dirty bathroom and stinky laundry.
The rest of it can wait...
There are also chores I don't do.
But I will move furniture and take things apart.
I tackled the spare room today.
The spare room is my craft/stamping room. It also was the computer room.
Overall I dislike basements. They are dark, dank and musty. Spiders hang out there too.
Walk-outs are ok, they can have more light, but we live in a split-entry. Which means half the basement is below the ground. We get decent light. It's nothing like the rambler I grew up in, where the windows were on the top of the walls and you couldn't see the outside well.
Cement floors and exposed beams and duct work. (ehhh, my skin is crawling thinking about it.)
So I decided to move the computer out to the living room/family room downstairs. That frees up space in the spare room. I rearranged all my stamping stuff. (half a room full) We moved the bookshelf into the spare room, the kids were making a mess of it.
I spent a good hour taking apart and reorganizing my "Article book". If you are wondering what that is, I ripped out and saved magazine articles I liked from parenting magazines and put them into a three ring binder. I know, I'm a little..........
You know, I just can't come up with the word.
So I condensed three full ones into one full one. That was a lot of recycling right there.
Wonderbread came down and asked what I wanted for dinner. I looked at him and then the clock. I hadn't had lunch yet. Now it was dinner time.
"Well, I'm not hungry." I said.
"Ok, soooo, you don't want me to make you anything?"
"What are you having?"
"I'm making the kids those mini-burgers..."
I am half listening, half thinking what I'm hungry for and half thinking all I want to do is get this done, I got about 30 pounds of flab in reserves so it's not like I'd wither.
Okay, one too many halves...
I shout "Applebees!" Like one shouts Eureka, when they find gold.
We were both surprised, Applebees and I go way back, and not much of it is good.
"Applebees?" He questions.
"Yeh, Applebees."
He brings me the takeout menu.
I know what you are thinking: If Applebees and I aren't good together, why then would I have a take-out menu?
I have menus from every place within a 5 mile radius. It's just good planning. :)
He hands me the phone, I place the order, he goes to get it.
See how that works out? AHHHH, I love curbside to go!
I finish for the night, I'm leaving my scrap table for another day entirely.
I sit at the table and INHALE my salad and onion rings. I'm friends again with Applebees, but only for the night mind you.
Wonderbread wasn't keen on the CLEAN idea, he wanted to go on a SweeTango mission plotting and "hitting all the orchards that have them from here to Iowa." (His words not mine)
We are crazy about these apples.
Instead, he was my vacuum slave. I think I drove him nuts because at one point he asked "Don't these movies have to go back?"
He never offers to take back the movies, in fact if I ask him to; he'll moan and whine that HE wasn't the one that rented them, OR if he is with me he'll say "I'm not taking those back."
Yeah, I think he had just about enough of me or the cleaning, maybe I mean AND.
I know I've had enough cleaning. But I still need to do the bathroom, I was too busy to get the floors mopped and the rugs washed. There is always tomorrow, unless for course we find ourselves in the car on a mission...


  1. love this line...

    I have menus from every place within a 5 mile radius. It's just good planning. :)

    hilarious and so true!!!

    cleaning....I have 10 people coming to dinner tonight for a new comers dinner...I.have.not.cleaned.yet. I have church this morning (kicking off a new curriculum we wrote)and then I will have to start cleaning AND cooking. they will be here at mom would be having a COW!!! :)

  2. all that hard work and only a salad & onion rings? your endeavors sound like they paid off. good for you!


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