Thursday, September 3, 2009

That darn red book.

One of the things we do at the State fair is have our picture taken in "Old Time" costumes.
We don't do it every year, because it is just TOO expensive. I'm not going to tell you how much this 8x10 cost us, but lets just say I could have bought mini donuts for all of ya'll!
I was very proud of the kids, they really enjoyed getting dressed up. (Normally, there are threats and brides and guilt when it comes to them dressing for pictures...)
The photographer made the "mistake" of giving Roo a red book to hold, he refused to give it back, he was convinced it was his "gift" from them, because, well, it was red ans RED is HIS color. It took me an hour to get the thing away from him and take it back without him noticing.
YES, he did notice. When we got back into the car he asked "Where's my red book?"
These are the answers that ran through my head:
  • Play dumb. "What book are you talking about?"
  • Skirt the question. "Who's tired?!"
  • Pretend he asked for something different. "You stuffed dog is right there next to you!"
  • Shift blame to his Dad. "I have no idea! You're dad had it last."
  • Tell the truth. "Buddy, that wasn't your book, we had to give it back."
  • LIE. "I don't know, what did you do with it? Did you loose it? You must have left it somewhere!"
  • It lost itself. "Where did it go?"

I chose to ignore the question all together, for the time being. He was tired and every mom knows you don't intentionally break a tired kids heart.

"We'll find it in the morning..."

Morning came and he had forgotten all about it. And melt down averted.

But I will never be able to hang this $$$ picture on my wall, because as soon as he sees it, he'll know he doesn't have the red book.

I have two options here.

I can scrapbook the picture RIGHT now and tuck it away for years until he gets over his RED phase...

OR I can go up to the half price book store and try to find a ratty old red covered book that could take it's place. Praying that the book is appropriate for him to read, when he starts reading, because once that book comes into this house, it will be treasure for him for years to come.

Anybody else got suggestions??


  1. No suggestions here, but I wanted to tell you the picture is great! (and that red book really stands out!)

  2. got red paint? or hey, maybe a black marker for the photo! what a sweet, sweet roo!

  3. One word my friend. Ebay.

    I Heart your picture! And your heart!


  4. how about one of those red little sketch books you can find at Borders? it would be functional and red for him!

  5. cute book! Maybe a cheap one from the dollar store?


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