Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This question was posed to me last night on facebook and I loved reading the answers, so I'm going to ask it here.
1) Did you have a cool lunchbox as a kid? What was it?
2) What was your favorite HOT lunch to eat at school?
3) Has your child ever "forgotten" their lunch? What did you do? Take it to them or let them learn a lesson?
4) What was the thing you wished would appear in your lunch but never did?
5)What table did you sit at in the lunchroom? (clichewise)
My answers:
1) Metal Strawberry Shortcake with thermos. I still have it. In middle school I brown bagged it.
high school we had too many choices so I never needed to bring something.
2) I loved the soft pretzels and strawberry slushies! Or the chicken patty.
3)Butter forgot hers today, I chose NOT to bring it to her and am hoping she will take hot lunch instead of just sitting there not eating.
4) Ding dongs!!! OH, man did I wish for those.
5)I sat with my friend John, just mostly he and I, if other friends wanted to sit with us they could, we sat away from the popular tables and away from the in-school suspention table. We liked eating in peace.


  1. I like the Fall look!

    1) My first lunch box was a red and black plaid metal box, with a matching thermos. It might not have bee cool, but I loved it. I recently saw one like it in an antique shop!
    2)I went to a small Christian school where there wasn't a regular hot lunch program. Every 2 weeks the moms made BBQ and we loved it!
    3)Yes - my kids forgot their lunch and I rescued them. Actually, my hubby forgot his last week and i brought his too!
    4)I sat with my friends in the hall. We didn't have a lunch room, everyone just sat by their lockers.

  2. Sorry - I missed 4 and put the answer for 5 in that spot! So for #4 - I can't really think of anything that I wished for. I do know that I got sick of jam sandwiches when I was in 1st grade, so I just put them in my desk, until the teacher discovered them!

  3. Oooh, love the new look!!

    1. No. I ate cafeteria food every day. Sadness!!

    2. Hmm...I usually skipped lunch in high school, but it was probably chicken or dumplins.

    3. No kids. ;)

    4. Dunno, really. I ate pretty much anything...and still do, haha!!!

    5. We were assigned seats in elementary school, but in high school, we could sit wherever we wanted. There wasn't really any "cool" table -- or if there was, I wasn't cool enough to know it!

  4. these are good!
    1. yes, I know I did. I remember it being very important...but I can't tell you what it was! ha!
    2. hamburger/tator tot day and I loved putting the tator tots inside the hamburger!
    3. yes! we have a rule that you are allowed 1 freebie. After that, you must learn the lesson. ALL 3 of my children have had to "learn the lesson"! :) same with homework.
    4. I ate the samething every single day. my mom TRIED to get me to take some thing else but I never did...and I wonder why my son has taken a pbj for 10 years!!
    5. I sat with my friends...I wasn't really in a clique

  5. 1) No! And I was jealous of everyone that did =) I carried paper bags.
    2) I liked when they had chicken nuggets or nachos...because I never got to eat junk like that at home!
    3) I forgot mine all the time when I was little, and I would just skip lunch or charge it...nobody was home to bring it to me if I forgot it!
    4) Fruit roll-ups...all my friends got 'em! Haha
    5)I mixed it up a lot! Mostly sat with my brother and the baseball fellas but I changed where I sat a lot. Elementary school we didn't get a choice, had assigned seating!


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