Tuesday, September 15, 2009

He Amazes Me.

The news and the working of our God today has just amazed me.
I went to M&M's this morning. I stopped going last year because it was a huge strain with Butter only being at school half days. I had limited time to go do the things I needed to get done, which was easier done with one child and I'm not a morning person...PHEW, that was a mouth full.
There were often times also, when I felt it was too much talk and NOT enough study, or being in His word. Some women talked more about choosing paint colors for their living room and car troubles then how God was using this study to work in us. It irked me. I know there are times when chit chat is good, I love chatting, but I was there to be fed, not fed up with one more story about so and so's _______(fill in the blank). I thought time away would be good.
Coming back this morning I faced the exact same reason I left the group. I was ready to write it off as this group is not growing, it is too comfortable, stagnant. Then the gal next to me began speaking. She is new, first time. It was like her life mirrored mine in so many ways. I found myself nodding in agreement, not wanting time to end. Shooting dagger eyes at anyone trying to interrupt her. This was HER time. Shhhh. Be still and listen to what someone ELSE has to say. Today we were suppose to pick a study, that wasn't done. It was never gotten to. Which means next week will be another free-for-all in time filler which one gal LOVES to fill. Pray for this, would you. I need a STUDY group, not a place to go and chit chat for two hours about basket weaving and cleaning the cabin...
When I got home I checked into the blogs. One particular gal has been on my mind non-stop since last week. Rachel @inhishands. She and her Husband Josh are over in Korea right now meeting their son Josiah. She posted about it today. Grab your tissues before you go.
Then I go over to Growin' with it and sweet lady Linda has this post. Stick around and listen to the heartwarming song playing there too.
I will say it again, since I started this blogging thing God has been working on me through each and every one of you and did you know that the majority of my blog friends are pastor's wives or work in ministry themselves. I didn't start out looking for that, it just randomly happened. I enjoy the accountability you hold me too, the conviction from some of your posts, the joy.
My blog-a-versary is coming soon...more on that later.

Today is Tuesday, in the month of September, I can hardly believe where I'm at, Where this last year has brought me, and WHERE He will lead me...


  1. Sara, look on line or call some churches and see if there is a beth moore study going on in your area. Her studies leave no time for chit chat!!! and they are awesome!

  2. oh girl...let me tell ya. i've had my share of studies where i am there laying it all out on the line and it falls on ears that would much rather talk about the mundane and "safe" things. it is hard not to be critical and appreciate them for who they are and where they are at. He obviously has a plan to perhaps use y.o.u. in this spot to be His bright and wonderful light. the kind we see every day here on your blog. btw..this is one of my favorite songs!


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