Friday, October 30, 2009

Poor Butter.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to be posting this.
Butter came home from school Wednesday with a fever of 101.9. I gave her meds, made her soup, called her school to say she wouldn't be in Thursday and then prayed. I prayed that her fever would be gone with a good nights sleep, prayed that she would be all better for her Halloween party at school.
She made it nearly all day Thursday without a temp and no meds. She even took a nap! But around 4:30PM her cheeks became rosy and her head felt hot enough to melt an ice cube. The fever was back. It was then I had to make the call. No school tomorrow, no Halloween party, no wearing her Cinderella costume...
I am thankful there is no cough or sore throat and the fever is mild thus far. It is so hard to see the tears.
She is really really bummed.
She cried "But I drank my "sick drink", I ate my soup, I took my nap."
All things I said would hopefully make her better. It didn't, I couldn't.
I told her that we would get Dairy Queen instead. I also promised to take her treats to school. She keeps asking about going trick or treating, we can only wait and see what tomorrow brings.
On the treat side of things:
I read Lady of Milkweed Manor. (In, like, 3 days!) It is Julie Klassen's first novel. I LOVED it.
When we had met, last week she had asked me to email her and let her know what I thought.
I would post the email but I don't want to ruin the book for any of you curious enough to read it.
It was very good. GREAT ending, not at all what I saw coming. (Which is a good thing)
-------- Original Message --------Subject: Lady of Milkweed ManorFrom: Sara Cox Date: Tue, October 27, 2009 11:19 amTo:

I wanted to tell you I just finished Lady of Milkweed Manor and all I can say is:Shut the front door! It was SOOOOO good.
I really wanted to know WHO left Charlotte in her predicament and HOW she had come to be...
I could relate to having the bitter father and Bea...grrrr.
Then she happened upon Dr. Taylor.
That dastardly Mr. Harris!
Giving up her sweet babe, for a better life even though Mr. Harris was SO awful to even ask!Anne and Lizzette...Dr. Taylor.
OH and Sally struggling with giving the baby something to make him sleep so she could go out...(I was a nanny out east so I could relate to her struggle here, but I was SO happy she made the right choice!)
I was barreling through the last few chapters to see who Charlotte would let love her!!!Heartbreaking that she turned down Dr. Taylor the first time!!! (Thinking she had to be alone the rest of her life.)
OH, how I loved this book!!!! The ending was so perfect, I never saw it coming and I thought she would choose Harris because of her son, but what a way for him/Edmund to return to her!!!!
Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful gift of a story. I am highly anticipating your next one. My husband Rob has asked me NOT to buy it, so that he could get it as a Christmas gift...I told him "No I can't! She is having her release party on Dec 10th!!!!" To which he said "I could go." Yeah, okay Honey, thanks but I'd like to go myself!
Again thank you for meeting me last week, I look forward to seeing you in December.
Love and Blessings,

This was her reply:
From: julie@julieklassen.comTo: parkercox74@hotmail.comSubject: RE: Lady of Milkweed ManorDate: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 14:19:18 -0700
Hi Sara,
I enjoyed meeting you, too, and am very glad to hear how much you enjoyed Lady of Milkweed Manor. Your email cracked me up and encouraged me both. I can see why you've taken to blogging; you have a way with words!
I'll look forward to seeing you in December.
Take care and thanks for the good review!

How cool is THAT?! Well, okay I should get a grip, but I really REALLY liked this book.
Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
And we've seen plenty of that today. :(


  1. oh Sara, I am so sorry for Butter!! As a mom, it is very hard to see our kids have to miss out on something they've looked forward to.

    Praying she gets better fast!!

    I will have to look into this book!

  2. what a poopie time to get sick. poor thing. i really hope and pray it is all over with and OUT THE DOOR soon. it's so hard on us mommy's too when our babies don't feel good. grr.

    this author might have some good tidbits on how to get your book published sara!


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