Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I can't remember when the last time I did one of these:

1) What is your favorite fall scene? (Apples on a tree? Pumpkins lined up in rows? Leaves covering your lawn...)

2)Thanksgiving is just around the corner what food are you MOST looking forward to eating? What is your LEAST favorite thing to COOK?

3) What would you like to dress up as for Halloween? (yes, you must say something here, I'm not asking you to dress-up just what would you LIKE to be, if say Hollywood called and invited you to Hugh's house for a costume party.)

4) Have you ever RE-gifted something?

My Answers:
1)Colored leaves. I found a couple in the yard yesterday that were yellow and red on the same leave ooh it was pretty! I like the pictures of the kids in the pumpkin patch too though.

2)MIL's sausage stuffing!!! OH YEAH BABY! I hate cooking the turkey, I worry about screwing it up. Luckily, I have never had to make one yet.

3)I would like our family to dress up as the Scooby Doo gang. I don't mind being Velma!

4)hee hee, I was telling Sara about our stash of candy: See we all have our favorites. We go trick or treating early and get back around 7-7:30 so we get lots of visitors.
We go through the candy we've come home with and we each pick our favorites. I like the snickers/baby ruths, Rob like anything dark chocolate, Butter likes nerds/taffy/kit kat, Roo likes reeses and kit kats.
In the past I've given out microwave popcorn, bags of pretzels just things OTHER then candy, because I thought HEY look at that it's NOT candy. When my own kids have gotten things like that. But kids have come to our door, seen what we are giving and turned before even receiving their treat. (Which by the way I think is SO rude) If I buy candy ti is gone before peak to PAD our bowl we just dump the rest of our candy into the bowl and hand it out. Everyone wins! We get rid of the candy, the greedy door knockers get their CANDY and the kids enjoy handing out the sweets. The kids eat a handful that night and then get a piece after dinner each night for a week, then I tell them it's gone. But I really stash it and use it for their advent calenders come December! So yeah, I RE gift candy!


  1. 1) Ohhh I love it all! Leaves, pumpkins, mums...fall is delicious!

    2) I want my mom's dressing. Only I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I'm going to have to attempt it! I don't really like making pies...I'm sure I'll buy one! Ha

    3) LOL @ Hugh's costume party! When I was a kid my favorite costume was when I went as Tiger Lily. I think I'd like to bring that one back!

    4) UMMMM yes! Haha! I re-gift bath and body works stuff all the time when people get me scents I don't like!

  2. 1. The bright red trees!!!

    2. My cornbread's my grandmother's recipe!! I love to cook, so I don't have a least favorite thing to cook!! I like to cook it all!!! I just hate to clean up!

    3. hmmmmmm, haven't dressed up in a while. I would say Elphaba from Wicked!!

    4. yes, my name is Sara and I am a re-gifter! However, I learned early on to make sure there were no hidden cards in the gift I am regifting!

  3. 1. Hazelnut...but then again I love it all year long.

    2. prolly the desserts...and there are many!

    3. funny, we just had this question in my bible study group yesterday and i almost said "my birthday suit"! yikes.

    4. Nope.

    I wanna know who is gonna be scooby doo in your family? the cat?...hahahahaha.


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