Thursday, November 5, 2009

Before & After

Halloween for us northerners is pretty rough. We never know what kind of weather we're going to have until the day arrives and even then the difference between what you see in the morning and what you see when you actually go OUT can be quick different. This is what the kids looked like in their costumes. Butter: Cindrella. Roo: A robot complete with light up foam sword.

Good looking krewe. Roo was so cute he said "I am Butter's Knight." Well, I don't know about Butter, but you sure are Mommy's!!!!

And my two princesses, now you saw what the spider costume looked like on the dog and how upset both animals were to be wearing it. Here is Piper in her "fancy" dress.

She did enjoy wearing it, and she got lots of compliments from trick or treaters. The more she got; the more she liked wearing the dress. She tried to bite me when I went to take it OFF!
So all these are the BEFORE>>>
Let me introduce you to AFTER>>>

As you can see they are layered. Long underwear, pants, jackets, hats/earmuffs, gloves and winter boots. Welcome to Halloween in Minnesota.


  1. This made me LOL!! Those costumes are great...and those earmuffs and jackets are virtually unknown here in Louisiana!

  2. i am crackin' up. can you just see their reaction when they are grown up and look back at that last photo? ahh, good times!

  3. So cute! :) Pink puffy coats are very princess like in my opinion!

    I love that you dress up your dog. :)

  4. this made me laugh!!! I so remember doing this in IN...the day could start out fine and end up with snow.

    ....I don't miss it a bit!

  5. You're so funny!

    I love that you dressed up the dog. Adorable!!!


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