Friday, November 6, 2009

The View from Here.

It's Friday.
Gorgeous weather here: Sunny, middle 50's.
My heart is heavy over the events in Texas yesterday.
I will praise you in the storm...
Last night our church did something profound.
The View from Here.
Our church:Eagle Brook is what "they" call a mega church. We have three campus'. We have just entered a campaign to build two more in different suburbs to reach more people.
The View from Here.
Our church is technically impressive. We have live feeds to the other campus, our worship music is like being at a rock concert, we can seat thousands at three campus' for one service.
The View from Here.
In our main campus, the biggest one; is where the pastor sermons from. It is a beautiful worship center. When you sit among the seats, it seems large.
The View from Here.
I had the privilege, when I joined the drama team to see the "back stage" area. The Control room, the "green" room and the Pastors suite. Then I was shown the stage. When you are looking toward it, out from the seats it looks daunting, huge... scary if you are one of those people who hates to speak in public.
The View from Here.
When I stood on that stage for the first time, looking out at all the empty seats I realized how very small the worship center was. Sure there were row and rows and rows of seats. But it felt intimate to me. Like coming to a table with guests.
The View from Here.
Not many people get to experience that view of things. The behind the scenes, the Pastors' view.
Last night that is EXACTLY what 250 of us got to experience. Over this past week 2,500 of us got to see the View from Here. Over the last five days 500 people a night, two separate hours, got their own private VIEW.
We were led past the control room, affectionately called "Houston", past the pastor's suite, where the speaking pastors pray and gather themselves before service. When we came to the stage, there were chairs lined up in rows, we were asked to take a seat, where we could look out into the worship center. It was dark and you couldn't make out any of the seats, lights were on us, in our faces. I whispered to my husband "They're out there, you know."
"Who?" he questioned back.
"They" I simply said.
Once every seat was filled the lights went down, a single spot light appeared out in the seats. It was our senior pastor; Bob. He thanked us for coming, told us he wanted us to get a feel for what he experiences each and every weekend. He told us how he arrives at the campus at noon and each time sits in a different seat, praying for those of us who will come and fill the seats, prays particularly for the person who will sit in that very seat he is in. The lights went down again, though we could see nothing at first we could hear people chattering about their stories. Stories of their life, of the issues and demons they each face. Spotlights would go on all around the center, signifying each person whom we were hearing. Then darkness again. This time only one spotlight appeared, one story. We heard three separate, emotional stories in all. What pastor was showing us; sharing with us; is the sense of urgency and responsibility he feels each and every weekend when he steps out on that stage to deliver his message. He holds in his voice the power to reach someone who is hurting, who is far from God and bring them to know the loving hand of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
The View from Here.
He then asked us to be bold, to be leaders, to sacrifice for the needs of others.He gave us the amount it was going to cost to add two new campus'. It would make anyone gulp and put their hand over their wallet. "Surely that number is unreachable."
He asked us; where would we be if others before us hadn't sacrificed to build that very campus, or to open the campus which Rob and I attend, which is very close to our home. It was humbling, energizing, moving and profound.
I have been a complainer of this very church: It's so big. Why must it get bigger, they keep asking us to give, we can't even get caught up on our own bills. Rob works two jobs...My heart had been selfish.
The View from Here.
I am no longer against it's growth. Last night there were not ENOUGH lights on those seats. Not ENOUGH seats...not ENOUGH, not ENOUGH, NOT ENOUGH.
All around us; churches are struggling, closing their doors, and yet this church; Eagle Brook, is being called on to open MORE. The need is overwhelming.
The campus I attend was an old Baptist church, Eagle Brook came in; it had 350 attenders. After the opening weekend Of Eagle Brook Campus (SLP) attendance jumped to 2,500. At this one little campus! They had to add more services! Rob and I were at opening weekend, there are no words that could describe it, other then "A Glimpse of Heaven."
The View from Here.
Rob and I now begin the task of sacrifice. What number will God put on our hearts to give to this campaign? As Pastor told us last night; Sacrifice hurts, but the blessings are poured out in abundance.
Thank you for Eagle Brook, Because of THIS church I have come to know you. Because of THIS church I have grown in my faith, and found the path I WANT to walk.
You have provided for me, you have loved me when I have felt unlovable. My heart is open to you and pray for your guidance, I pray for your strength in obedience as we sacrifice for THIS church, for YOUR kingdom. For you are glorious, and my eyes have been opened by just one spotlight. In your holy name I pray. Amen.


  1. that is awesome, Sara! I will be praying that God makes His voice clear to you!

  2. w.o.w.!! what a fantastic post sara. and it can apply to anyone, in any church, any size, any denomination. i was moved by your attitude and response sara...way 2 go!


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