Thursday, December 17, 2009

About the dog.

Yeah, I know She's cute. I have know idea why but Schnauzer's are my life breed. Those sweet little eyes hidden behind those brows, that adorable beard and cute button black nose. Piper is not your perfect dog. She is nippy and she likes to bark. Chances are good her life started at a puppy mill and then because of her under bite she was deemed unbreedable, there for being sold off to a pet store, where I happened upon her. Now I'm no sucker, I know that you don't get a dog at a pet store, not a GOOD dog anyway. Good temperaments are bred.
I can walk into and out off a pet store with out even heading a tear, until I saw her. I had a miniature Schnauzer growing up, Phoebe. She was Grandma's dog who came to live with us when Grandma moved into an apartment. Phoebe was spoiled beyond belief. She had never eaten a bite of dog food in her life. She was fed a mixture of hamburger, veggies and rice. Grandma made it special for her "baby". Grandpa would nap with her. They would go over to her announce it was "Time for nap" and then pick her up, carry her into the bedroom, lay out her blanket and lay with her. After nap, she'd go outside to do her business and Grandma would have a warm wet wash clothe to clean her with. I'm not kidding. She had a rude awakening coming to live with us. I loved that dog, and when she died I was heartbroken. I vowed someday I'd have another Schnauzer. I'd see Schnauzer's places, I even met a breeder but I never had the urge to "splurge" on one. I had my daughter and son and couldn't imagine having a dog.
We were at a friends house, and they had just gotten a little dog. Lola was cute and fluffy, when they told us the got her a a pet store I began asking all these questions. I decided to check the pet store out. My opinion, same as all the others. Poorly bred dogs meant to make a profit. However what I did like about this store, the kids could see and pet the little puppies. Now that is FUN! You get your puppy fill instore and then you'd never need one!
On maybe our third visit I saw her. This adorable black and tan Schnauzer. I'd never seen a black and tan one. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Then I was asked the dreaded question.
"Would you like to hold her?"
WOULD I?!?!?!
I was gone. Rob had to pry her from my vice grip and drag me from the store. All the way home I was quiet. Finally he asked what was wrong with me. I looked at him and said "I think that dog is suppose to be mine."
He laughed at me. For two days all I could think about was that dog. Then he said "Go get it."
I spent a week training her, locking her in the kitchen, so I could clean up accidents easier. As she grew her sassy personality came out. She has quirks and issues, but you should see us together. I always thought Grandma was crazy, a dog couldn't possibly be a baby. I was so wrong. I have a fur baby. She hates being dressed up, she loves squeaker toys and tennis balls. She can sing and we are working on dancing. She hates the snow, and loves to walk and smell. She sleeps in our bed, under the bedspread but on top of the sheets and blanket, and when Rob goes to do his paper route she takes over his pillow. She is the last one out of bed. She enjoys apples, peapods and cheetos. She chases our cat and bosses our children. Anytime I am on the couch she is on my lap. If Rob has beer she is on his lap. She dislikes the vacuum cleaner and will chase and bite it. She thinks all mittens are toys. And brown paper bags are "treats" for her, she loves to shred them, she also likes Christmas presents because she can open them too!
Call me crazy, but THIS dog was meant for me.


  1. So stinkin' sweet! Piper is such a cutie. My dog is my baby too...she's spoiled ROTTEN, and it shows big time!

  2. I had a schnauzer growing up too!! I wanted one so bad when we first got married, but my husband is a "big" dog guy. I love my dog, but deep down, I would still like a schnauzer!!

    My favorite line:

    If Rob has beer she is on his lap!!!!

  3. Awww...she and my Vicki need to play together. Vicki hates being dressed up, too -- which makes it all the more fun!

  4. there is just some sort of different wonderful kind of love for a dog...i totally get this post and agree!


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