Monday, December 14, 2009


Many of you know that my relationship with my Mother is a tumoltuious one. We have gone months without speaking, and then with a prompting from God, I reached out, all the while leaning on Him in case the hurt comes again...
Baking cookies is a tradition in my family. Mother and Grandmother would spend countless days baking, decorating and plating cookies. Hundred of dozens. Thousands of cookies. I am not really into it, I say that with much regret, but God just did not put that passion in me. Mother holds out hope that maybe one of her grandkids will carry on the tradition. Butter seems poised to be the one. She takes instruction very well, she is ligth with the rolling pin and "gets" the dough. This sugar cut out dough is NOT easy to "get". It is a finicky thing that takes major patience and time to master. (Maybe that is why I dislike it so much. I'm a mix it up, throw on a pan, bake it and eat it kinda girl!)

I was so moved by Butter's work ethic while baking. She was a little machine, rolling out, cutting, sheeting and her favorite job, sprinkling the sugar! It was so cute to watch Mother show her the "trick" to the proper sprinkle (yes there IS such a thing) and she her master it and
then try to instruct her brother who would come in like a bull and just dump. She would get so upset, even sighing with her hands on her hips and then finally banishing him. Look at how cute he looks in his little red Santa apron! Yeah, don't let his looks fool you! This kid is not fun to have around in the kitchen. He is just too young yet to understand hot stoves/ovens/pans and cookie sheets are not meant to be jumped, skipped, hopped and twirled around!

I can't be postive on this, but I'm pretty sure Butter made 80% of these! Start to finish she did them. I know I did the animals, I had to try them. Mother used to do them but the are very futsy...I can hnestly say I will never do them again!

Butter did an amazing job. This took the better part of a day. But it was wonderful being there to watch and witness some bonding between my daughter and my Mother. Now I'm going to go enjoy some of my daughter's hard work!!!


  1. Sara, your willingness to reach out after being hurt so many times is so inspiring. We all need to be more like that and "lean on Him if the hurt comes".

    Ok, Butter needs to come on over to my house! I bake cutouts every year, but I could use her skills for sure!

    Oh, and last night at Josh's Seminary Christmas concert I met a sweet little girl who could be Butter's twin - no joke!

  2. I so agree with Rachel. But what is so wonderful is that you are willing to reach out so that Butter might have the relationship you didn't. Sometimes our kids meet our parents at a different place...and it's beautiful!!!

    now I wish I had some of those cookies to eat!!!

  3. The cookies look great! You're not the only one with a complicated mother/daughter relationship. It's a tricky one to get through.

    BTW, your son does not look very happy to be wearing his antler ears! : )

  4. all these smiles in all these photos! you are a humble, loving, forgiving and wonderful you know that?


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