Monday, December 28, 2009

MTS2 (squared)

I talk too much, or I enjoy talking. I don't like listening to myself talk though. AND I can talk my husband to sleep. There is so much to talk about. I like deep questions, I like picking brains, I don't like talking about gross things. Keep those surgery and gory details to yourself. For me there really isn't TMI, (other then the gore details...) Life is in the details and sometimes those details are messy, or personal or embarrassing...
I got together with "The Girls" on Saturday. We are of the original group of gals that started a in a bible study group 4 *gasp* years ago. MTS2 (squared). That's my little nickname for us.
When MTS2 gets together magic happens. I don't mean sparkles and slight of hand stuff, I mean we pick right up where we left off, it never feels awkward or forced. Two of us can get together and it's good, but the four of us together...well it just feels like home to me. MTS2 is like the perfect sandwich: Warm, Melty, Gooey, Delicious and completely satisfying, filled to the brim with all the fixin's. Our history isn't High school chums, or College roomies. We met in a Bible study, where time spent bearing ourselves was a weekly occurrence. We blossomed out of fire, out of pain, out of love and out of hours of shredding back those layers we build around ourselves to protect us. No together we stripped ourselves down and stood bare, hiding nothing. We could hide we were in the garden of group, a garden each of us held sacred and cherished as much as the next gal. We had safety there, we had kindness and compassion. We had love and understanding. It was our garden. Now that garden appears when ever we gather.
Never in my life had I had such relationships. I was telling T, "I wish the family I have could "see" me." It is as if they have foggy glasses, I look distorted to them. These gals SEE me, and they've taught me that I am GOOD, LOVING, KIND, THOUGHTFUL...all the things I KNOW I am, but just don't feel others think so.
T has a memory like a steel trap. She is very smart. She is also faithful, loyal and fiercely loving. She has the gift of encouragement. T is THE best hugger and she smells AMAZING. Her scent is utterly comforting to me. I KNOW there is safety in that smell. Let me explain. I have a sister, we are not close. Growing up I dreamt of what having a sister would be like, you know a NICE sister... I can not remember the circumstances that brought me to T's house this particular evening. I stayed to chat and her son needed to go to bed, he wanted his Mother near him so we went upstairs and hung out in T's room, chatting away on her bed, dog beside us...I remember thinking THIS IS IT! This is what it would be like to have a sister. THIS is what I should have had. That time lingers in my mind, the sound of her voice, the sight of her big fluffy bed, and her cherished things in her room, the feel of her squeezing my hand or hugging me tightly, as only she can do and her smell. That warm vanilla sugar smell. THAT it T, warm, comforting and sweet.
S is the youngest. She's the "little" sister. Although she is the tallest among us! She is athletic. and she pushes me! I mean literally PUSHES me to be more physical. She invited me over one day with the kids, saying we'd walk over to a park AND I QUOTE "Near her house." Sounds great! A block down the road I begin looking around, I'm not seeing any park. I ask how much farther. I'm only wearing flip flops... She assures me it's just a "little" ways more. I'm thinking block, when really it's through the WOODS, down a path and across a busy street. This place was NOT near her house. I was cursing the WHOLE way. While SHE laughed at me, gently insinuating I was being a wimp and I needed to enjoy nature. PISHSHA! I hate the woods! There are bugs in there, poison plants, millions of things that could trip you, break your arm.
She pushes me. ;) I nearly dropped dead that day, I told her she would have to go get the car and come back and get us. She laughed at me AGAIN! She told me we could walk to her in laws house and she pointed it out to me, it didn't look that far away. She neglected to tell me it was all UP HILL! Again I cursed. She is young at heart, vibrant and she has this amazing laugh, her inner girl just comes right out! S is lovely, and I mentioned tall. She is like a living 'Barbie' ATHLETIC Barbie! She captures your attention and you want to have the fun she's having. She taught me how to make the BEST molasses cookies and she continues to teach me it's okay to STOP being the "grown up" and PLAY!!!!!
Then we have M. M is a soft Island breeze. Gentle, calming, she is warming and caring. M makes you feel important, she listens. You notice when M isn't around, the breeze is missing.
M moved away a little over a year ago, but she has family here so they visit. The rule is when she calls: I am available. You see, spending time with M is like spending time soaking up the rays of the sun. Your inner tan is deepened, your body warmed and radiant, you fell lighter, airy, HAPPY. M can be very deep and ask the hard questions, which you know is out of love, not out of nosiness. She can also be very silly. I love her laugh too, all these women. Their laughs are like chocolate to me.
M is honest, sweet and I love to hear her speak. She has interesting things to say and she is open. Time with M passes quickly! When she was in town this last summer I got to spend an afternoon with her: a Movie, Dinner good girl talk, I felt like I'd won the lottery! After all M was a local celebrity having been on Kare 11 (Our local NBC station's afternoon talk show) :)
I am so grateful for these three AMAZING women that I call my FRIENDS and whom I love like SISTERS.


  1. are an amazing friend. Josh and I were talking about how my closest friends all have a little edge or "sass" about them. He says that I am drawn to that type because they become my protector and will always have my back. You are my protector, dear friend, and I love you. Thank you for your beautiful words. I can't wait for our next time together.

  2. Isn't true friendship wonderful?

    This was a great post!


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