Monday, January 4, 2010

*Sigh* Monday.

It's Monday. I never really liked Mondays much. First day back to work or school, beginning of the week...grrr.
But today I am loving Monday. For exactly that reason, first day back to work and school!
Butter is back to school, Roo has school this afternoon and I am SO looking forward to that peace and quiet.
I have things to do today. But I am in such a peaceful place I am actually looking forward to taking my sweet time with getting them done.
Yesterday was a busy and exciting day in our house.
It was the family birthday party for the kiddos. They got many new things, each of them got a knee hockey set. (a little net and a pair of sticks to play hockey on their knees, indoors) Very cool.
My sister Sherri came out with her kids. We have not seen them in over a year. I can't say it was good, I can say it wasn't BAD...I just keep praying that God can work in this relationship. I have always ONLY wanted a sister who would love and LIKE me.
Our Church started a new message series called 'I've Got Issues'.
They gave out buttons that say 'I've got Issues' and yes I've been wearing mine. I wore it on Christmas Eve, which I'm sure ruffled feathers, and yet NOBODY commented on the button, which is what is suppose to happen. It cracked me up how everyone tried so hard not to mention the button front and center on my shirt, how they tried so hard not to look at it or acknowledge that they even saw it. The lengths people will go to stay "comfortable".
Makes me wonder...
The message this week was "I've got issues...but God is able" My pastor had an amazing example of how God is working in situations even when we can't see it or think he even cares.
I wonder if God is working right now,working on getting the Minnesota Vikings a win in the Superbowl??? You see for us Vikings fans it has been a very long and hard road. We have the worst coaches, when the team is stacked and ready for championship the coaching ruins it! Then we loose key players, have to build the team up. This year a miracle happened Farve joined us.
If we don't do it this year...well lets just say that it is going to be another long, long wait.
There is this "other" team out there that has a slightly better record, and things look pretty good for this "other" team. I'm not sure what there standings are in or at the "big dance" but I will say either team is WORTHY of a victory there. Does God really care about Football?
Which brings me back to Monday...I get Monday nights back with my Hubby. NO Monday night Football!
*sigh* I love you today Monday!


  1. Don't hate me, but...I might have cheered when the Vikings lost (though if the Saints don't play better, it won't matter anyway!!).

    That's so funny about your button. I would have had to say something; my curiosity would have gotten the better of me!

  2. don't you think we ALL need to wear a button like that. i loved reading about this. and what you shared from your pastor's message was something i really needed to hear this morning. thanks!

  3. I'm with you about getting my hubby back on Monday nights.....however then there is basketball....


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