Saturday, January 2, 2010

Call me crazy.

Yep go ahead, call me crazy.
We took the kiddos out to MOA (Mall of America) on one of the busiest days.
No school + No work + Holiday= Nightmare at the mall!
It was not my idea, I would have loved to have stayed home, curled up on the couch reading my book and blissfully happy that Rob was home "parenting" our children.
Nope, you see it was Roo's birthday and that means he got to decide where we go and where we eat. That's what we do on birthdays. He picked MOA to go on rides and eat at the Rainforest cafe.
We spent 2 hours just WAITING. Uh hmmm, waiting. Lines. They went on two, yep 2 rides.
Rob got some of THE ugliest slippers I've ever seen. Matter of fact that'll be my 365 pic of the day...
We saw a kid fall into the pond thingy at Rainforest cafe, thank goodness Roo didn't see that or he would have thought it was free swim day! When he saw where they were seating us, by the gorilla den, he freaked out and wouldn't sit down. Did I mention the hour wait for the table? I decided I'd bring out the dessert first card. Since I can't work my new phone I wasn't able to take pictures, and seeing as I decided to try the 365 year in pictures again, I, of course, forgot the camera, but hey, I had my phone right? Don't call me, I won't know how to answer, and if you text me it will take me a week to type back and that's if I can figure out how to the send it.

Today, for some reason, I have a smart-alecky kid that just won't take a hint, that I do NOT need mothering, or advice or supervision on how to put things back in their original boxes to put away in the closet to pick up for a birthday party we are having tomorrow, and then another one next Sunday and yet another one the Sunday after that. See, cause, I'm crazy.
I decided that once I was through the holidays; I'd do the parties. I want to shoot myself in the mouth with a staple gun.
I never should have said "After the holidays; we'll do your parties."
Instead I should have said "If you make special choices on your birthday, then we are not doing a special "friend" birthday party."
I came up with this GREAT idea for Butter's party. It started with a foot massager and nail polish that I got for Christmas. I thought I could get a foot bath thing and we could do a Mani-Pedi party. I went and bought little towels for each of the girls, Bracelets, rings, lotion for hands and cream for feet and little caddies for their "stuff". Recruiting a manicurist has proven tough even in this slow economy and people needing work!
Well, my son came up to me last night and says and I quote:
"When do I get to have my spa party Mommy?"
DO boys have spa parties?
Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I'm pretty sure Rob won't like the idea or any of the other dad's whose sons would be invited.
I really can't see why Roo would prefer a SPA party to the cool, paint -your -own -race cars and have car races and Wii game tournaments with medals and trophies and prizes. None of which prizes include a gift certificate to the girl spa.
Call me crazy but I think my son is becoming High Maintenance. Now why doesn't he care more about peeing in his pants?
Call me crazy, but I'd rather my feet stink then my pants!

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  1. You are so funny!! and yes, crazy!

    first off...YEA!!! you are doing project 365 with us!!! I am very excited!

    two, do what we did, give the kids a get a big gift or a party. That was the choice on birthdays. Funny, 2 of my kids always chose the gift and one kid always chose the party!!! but hey, it worked and we didn't go broke...especially when some crazy person came up with party favors!!!


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