Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's new?

This last fall Rob and I joined a small group. We are starting a new study.What drew me to this study was that I could not think of anything that I would change. I mean YES I'd pact my bags and see as much of the world as I could and money would allow, but who would I want to reconcile with, how would I act differently knowing I only had a month to live?
I pretty much say things that I want to say now. I pretty much feel like I love on those I love. Would I play more with my kids? No, I do that already, I think if anything I'd spend more time "training" them. Or making videos for them to learn from when the time is right. Making Mac and cheese, or my chocolate chip cookies. Teaching Nina about being a woman, I can't do THAT right now or in a month, she'd be scared to death...
I am curious to see what God reveals to me through this study. If you know me at all, you know I will have this study done in the thirty days, even though the group is breaking it down and wil actually take us four months to get through. I can't help it. Give Sara a task and she needs to get it done.
Strive for perfection much?

And speaking of perfect. Do you remember when I showed you this?

I have been working on it, slowly, for me. I am loving how it turned out. I am no master craft sewer, you should have heard me on the phone talking to a seamstress about having the quilt meandered. (Is that even a word?) ANyway she kept asking me about size and measurements and I was like "I don't know, it's this much." holding up fingers or arms in apporximent size. Yes I know she could see me, and I should know how to read a ruler but I don't work that way.

So I pasted on the $45 meandering stitching and sewed it how I know how to do it.

I think it turned out perfectly adorable!

Not too bad for a girl that doesn't own a ruler!
Okay I do own a ruler I just use it to cut straight not measure!
I can have equal pieces the same size, lay them out and they look great. I go to sew them together and sure enough something doesn't line up, so I make adjustments. I will never win a sewing award, unless it is for matching fabric that I think I may have a shot at.

Hear is the back side, I tacked it together.
With the remaining fabric I made two "lovies". Flannel-ly soft elephants on one side and silky grey on the other. OOH I love lovies. Both my kids had them and continue to ask me to make them more.
What made it extra fun was just before I started sewing, Chris and Stacey decide on a name for the little guy. So instead of thinking baby boy, I got to think about his name. Which I'm not giving away. Not yet at least.


  1. I think it is wonderful!!!

    You and I sew a lot alike! I drove my grandma crazy as she tried to teach me to sew....I never rip anything out, I just make it work!!

  2. no way! kerry shook's church is right down the road from ours. that study looks awesome. and the quilt...beautiful!


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