Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working the Wii

I have been committed to doing the Wii fit everyday. Until the first day I did it. Good gracious I wasn't aware I could hurt in those places. It felt great while doing it, but waking up the next day and just squatting to use the potty. OUCH!
today was my second day. I aim for 1 hour. 30 minutes yoga and strength and then 30 minutes of aerobic and balance. I am determined to master Kung fu. It drives me crazy that my timing is off. I rack up larger numbers in the snowball fight and hula hoop. 292 spins. I made a 130 foot jump in ski jumping. What I like about the Wii is you barley know you are working out. What I don't like about the wii is waking up the next day and realizing OOOOHHO YEH did you work out.


  1. I hardly EVER lift weights or anything...I do walk and jog a lot but thats it. So when Alan and I went bowling on the wii...the next day...I was sore. Yes. From bowling. HAHA! Love the wii!

  2. I tried Wii fit for the very first time last night and made a 150 ft jump in the ski jumping, but there was NO way I was going to try to hula hoop in front of a group of mixed friends- I have no skills there! It was a lot of fun, and we are now considering getting one, even though we are so technologically backwards...

    Good for you- sounds like you have quite a program going for yourself there!


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