Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's been up.

Winter seems to stir restlessness in me. My mind just doesn't want to let up. I have filled a notebook with tons of "stuff" that needed to be purged from my head.
I don't know where it all came from because last I checked my brain was fried from having kids.
You hear people talk about "pregnant brain" where you forget things ALL THE TIME. But it doesn't just end when you give birth, no it's gone F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
I decided I should start doing the crossword puzzles that are in the paper. Yeah, NO, I have lost far to much of my random knowledge. Even the answers I was sure were right, weren't even close. And Rob tells me the puzzles get harder as the week goes on. I was working on the Monday puzzle!
No, I firmly believe our children suck out or brains, and if they didn't do it in the womb they certainly know how to suck it out after. All that Barney and Elmo, Baby Einstein, no no NO they shouldn't call it Baby Einstein they should call it Parent-loose-your-mind. You will become so lost in a world of Wheels on the bus and Elmos world you won't be able to remember that awesome new Kings of Leon song or recognize any of the Grammy winners!
Lately I've become obsessed with reconnecting on Facebook. Seriously, It's insane.
I've also been addicted to the TV. Hello LOST started up on Tuesday. It feels SO good to get answers, which aren't really answers so much as revelations. The Black Smoke....hmmmmm. If I were, say out in the woods and heard that creepy sound, ya'll know what I'm talking about, that weird ticking the black smoke's almost like a car noise. Blah, I've giving myself the creeps! So WHY did the Black smoke take out Eko? Member him? I love that I don't know, I am confident all will be revealed. Maybe I'll be satisfied and maybe I won't, but it sure is fun.
Another fun show: Modern Family. Rob and I laugh so hard at this show. Last night's episode was hilarious.
I have also been focused on watching Joyce Meyers and doing Wii fit. If I wasn't feeling fried from loosing my brain to my kids, Joyce is there to give this heart a good ole thwack and Wii makes muscles sore in places I'm not sure are PG! I went to pick up the dog yesterday, a 17 lbs dog and I tweaked something in my back. It's been heating pad and advil for me since.
I know it's been a while since I've posted, I'm sorry about that. But I think it might be even longer since I've heard from some of you...Whatcha doing?


  1. My husband loves sports columnist Bill Simmons, and apparently Bill said that for each child, women lose 12% of their rational thinking...Jerk.

    Watched Part 1 of Lost. Haven't had time for Part 2 yet. SAD DAY!!!!

  2. if Lois is right, I've lost 36% of my rational thinking...I really think it is higher!

  3. ca-uuuuu-te blog design! and my response to this post?....
    i love you, you love me,
    we're a happy family...

    and i've missed ya! ☺

  4. Absence sure does make the heart grow fonder! I've missed reading your blog and it looks like you've been a busy gal! And Lost...HELLO!!! The whole John Locke thing creeps me out that that really isn't him! Weird? And is Jacob now Sayid???? I have so many more questions!
    Lately I have felt that mommy brain way too much! I'm forgetting everything!!! It comes and goes, this brain of mine!

    Love your new blog layout! So Valentiney!!!


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