Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vancouver 2010

The count down has begun for me. Now that sport-ually speaking I have no teams worth rooting for in the next 8 months, except that it is a even year which means Olympics, AND it's a "winter" year. HALLELUJAH! I love, no , I L.O.V.E the winter Olympics. I bought the Wii fit just so I can play along and pretend to win one of these:

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?

Yes, you could say I have Medal envy. Anyone that can perform well under that amount of pressure and win their sport...I envy that kind of focus and dedication.
Do you plan to watch? What are your favorite sporting events?
Are you Summer or Winter?
Have you seen these guys? The Mascots?
Aren't they adorable?
I wanted to get each of my kids a stuffed one but they were quite pricey. So I settled on getting each of us a pin.
Can you guess which sport I am representing on my pin?


  1. I jumping?? The Olympics are being held very close to where I live, but we will be watching on tv- too expensive and too crowded! The torch is coming through my town soon, so we plan to go watch that. I have mixed feelings about the whole event as it has caused a lot of financial hardship for the poor and working class in our province. BUT, enough raining on your parade!

  2. I am an Olympic freak!!!! Summer or winter! I really do enjoy ALL of the events, even the obscure ones like curling! As for your pin? Figure skating?


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