Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I love nail polish on my toes. As soon as the sun starts shining I bust out the caboodle full of polish and start taking inventory. Out with the old and in with the new!
I am brand particular. I'm an OPI gal myself. OPI for Sephora isn't too bad, and I am trying the new Sally Hanson INSTA-DRY.
As soon as it's warm enough for flip flops that all changes! As you can see I have a good size collection. I'm partial to the pinks.Butter has become a "make-up girl" She loves it. For her birthday we did a spa party, most of the gifts she received were make-up gifts. This would be her collection of polishes.

So what does a Mama do when it's time for a nice new coat of paint and the closet needed to be cleaned.
I like to call this: Skittle Toes
I asked Rob if the fact that my toes look like Skittles would entice him to rub my feet.
The answer: NO.
Well, I think they are pretty.


  1. I only use OPI too...I am partial to reds.

    I think your husband should reconsider!!!

  2. at least he's not trying to suck on them! ;o)


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