Monday, May 10, 2010

Caught up.

I'm not sure what you want me to say. I hear it a lot: "You haven't posted in a while."
"You need to post on your blog."
"Why haven't you posted?"
I guess I'm "caught up". I am caught up in the everyday things that must get done, or restructuring the finely crafted routine we had going.
Last week was unbelievably busy for me. We had something, or three things going on nearly everyday. I say "What weekend?" It felt like I spent most of my quality with my darn car!
Friday Butter was sick. Nothing major just a low grade temp, so she was home sick and Friday evening was Mayfest at Roo's school. A concert and fundraising auction. Saturday was a baby shower for my SIL out in the boondocks (80 minute drive round trip) I was in charge of dessert for our Sat. evening small group meeting at 4pm. Sunday, Mother's day, I spent driving to see my Mom for brunch, Which was very nice. I love her waffles and I try to make each moment with her count. I try to engage in conversation that requires thinking and telling stories and teaching about life...My sister was there too, with OUT her children, that's how she wanted to spend mother's day. She was on her phone texting the entire four hours we were there! We were playing a game with the kids and Mom was partnered with Sherri, who couldn't put her phone down. It was awful, the way she just was so absorbed in her own world. It made me angry, but I bit my tongue, someday, hopefully, she'll look back and see the wasted time. That is one thing I am caught up in changing. I don't want there to be ONE moment of WASTED time. So even though I was in the car, I used that time to talk to who ever was in the car with me. Or to talk to God...
Sunday evening then we went over to Rob's parents house for dinner, we were in charge of bringing the veggies. Again I just felt rushed, but I would not have changed any of it. We had a lovely dinner and then we went through old pictures. The kids got to see their Daddy sporting a mullet. Or as Uncle Chris likes to call it "Business in the front; Party in the back!"
Nope sorry that style is NOT coming back in this house. I will shave you in your sleep...
We looked at pictures of great grandparents and great great grandparents. I tried to get stories out of Mom, at one point I just asked "Can I get these pictures so I can make copies and we can sit down so I can write stories about them? I could give copies to Chris and Steven?"
Family history is important to me. I don't know very much about MY family. Nobody talks about anything. Or they are unwilling to share, which drives me BANANAS! If you don't share it, it will be lost forever. Case in point: I know we are somehow related to Judy Garland, HOW EXACTLY I couldn't tell you because the people that know are dead and close not to pass that on. Because they either stopped talking to that side of the family or were upset that she changed her name, or whatever. Who knows. I just know that the ruby slippers are part of my Mother's side family history.
I could defiantly get caught up listening to stories of how people grew up, what was childhood like and what would they tell their 10/12 year old self if they could go back in time?
I would tell myself:
  • Your sister will never be your sister like you want her to be. Stop trying to please her and go make some friends.
  • Your Dad is not a good role model, stop putting him on a white horse and wishing. GO get your love from Jesus because He's the one you should worship.
  • Yes, Mother can be tough, she's gonna get tougher. Even roses have thorns.
  • Your heart will break, a few times but God knows exactly who will understand and love you.
  • Being a mother is HARD.
  • Don't sass so much, you'll reap what you sow.
  • BELIEVE in yourself, crowns and trophies tarnish, your heart never will!

On Saturday our small group finished our study called One Month to Live. I have been moved to live differently. I am proud to be a Christ follower. I am excited that I have been forgiven. I want to be changed, I like conviction. I don't need to be caught up in condemnation.

I want my relationships to be REAL. ENCOURAGING. TRUTHFUL.

I read in one of the chapters the difference between Goodness and Kindness. (I thought they were the same thing, I was wrong)

Goodness is recognizing a need. Something that needs to be changed. Pollution, Poverty...

Kindness is DOING something to MEET that need. Recycling, Not driving or littering, cleaning up the litter. Feeding the starving. Donating what you can, your time, talent or money.

You can be Good and not Kind, but you certainly can NOT be Kind and not good.

So I get caught up in "How can I be KIND today?"

I realized that my heart is the fullest, my soul the richest when I am being KIND.

So lets "catch up" in being kind to one another okay?

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  1. great post today. I have to think what I would go back and tell my self...hmmmm.


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