Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The best part about life is my kids.
I knew from a very young age I wanted to have kids, not just have kids, but the be a mom.
I don't have the closet relationship with my own Mother, but I trying. I am learning that being a Mother is hard work. If you ever want to learn about the things you lack...become a Mom. I lack patience, I lack gentleness, I lack time. Time for things I used to have tons of time for. Reading. Writing. Painting my toe nails. ME time. There is no ME in Mom, two M's but no E.
When my children were babies I met every need, usually before they had the chance to cry about it. I kept good schedules. But those days are long gone and I am left to figure out where I fit in and where I need to let go. Letting go is NOT easy. I watched my daughter jump into the deep end of a pool, knowing she was afraid of water. I had to WATCH that? I will say here and now that neither one of my children better ever bungee jump or cliff dive or whatever, because I may very well PASS OUT!
Butter is 7, and someday she will ask to go to the mall, with friends...good grief I can't bare the thought.
Roo is 5, and someday he's going to want to drive the car. OH HAVE MERCY!
And dating?! How am I going to get through dating?!?!?
I will not bring up college, my children would never think of leaving me...right? RIGHT?!?
All I can do is turn to my other Mother's and gain guidance and grace from them.
I wanted to share with you what I've learned from my Mother.
She had a rough time growing up, she made some poor decision in love and ended up with scars
She, like me, always wanted to be a mom. It was not easy for her dream to come true. She was pregnant with 9 babies. She has two children. The time I spend with her I try to squeeze every once of information out of her. I want to understand her, to know her and about her life, her views and her choices. I want something to pass down to my kids when they ask "What was your mom like?"
Mother was:
Mother could be very rigid, but it was her way of protecting those she held dear.

I am fortunate enough to have married into a kind family. Though my Mother-in-law and I have had some rough patches, I do believe she cares for me. I also enjoy talking with Grandma, she is 88 years old and I can't even begin to grasp all that she's seen and experienced in her lifetime. There is so much wisdom to be shared.
My Mother in law is:
easy going
Kind and Loving
She can be stubborn, but with that comes tenacity. Everyone need a little of that!
Grandma Lorraine is:

And I couldn't have a Mom's post without mentioning my FUR baby.
There is a love this dog and I share that is completely different from anything else.
She is feisty, she is a grumbler and she is barky.

What do you like MOST about being a Mom?
What is your LEAST favorite part?

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