Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet Blaine

He is here! Our new Nephew. Blaine Sheldon was born Thursday at 2:19pm. His momma did such a great job!

We had taken Roo to the zoo for his "graduation" present and while we were there we got the news that Baby Blaine was on his way. Upon hearing the news Roo said "TOday is his birfday? He's going to come out TOday?!"
We went to pick up Butter from school and headed straight over to meet him.
It was a good thing I grabbed him first because Butter wouldn't give him up! She was a little irritated that she wasn't allowed to walk around with him as I did. Don't you love that she's wearing her Blaine soccer shirt? Maybe you couldn't tell, but we all could and she just laughed and said she wanted to show him. We are very excited to have him here and we look forward to watching him grow. Butter asked as soon as we left the room when we can come back to see him! Roo on the other hand said upon entering the room "I'm not comfortable around babies so much." He wouldn't even touch him. This coming from the kid who just two hours earlier wanted to hold a duckling! Go figure. Tomorrow is Roo's big day! He graduates from preschool.

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  1. Hello CUTENESS!!!! Blaine is precious as can be and your kiddos look SO proud of their cousin! Congrats to your family!


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