Monday, June 21, 2010

Hammer Me Manny. STAT!

Today I posted on Facebook that I just want to be me.
I do. It is hard to act like someone I'm not.
I am not "fluffy".
I don't look at the world through rose colored glasses, and the cup is never half full.
I admire people that are "half-full" people, I want to know HOW they do it.
When I look at things I see change. What should change for it to be fair, just...honest, GOOD.
I so desperately want to live in a perfect world, or at least a place in the world with other people that think and view things the way I do. Couldn't we just have our own place?
Do we have to be lumped in with people that value cheating and corruption, that kill for trophies? Where one is judged by what they have instead of WHO they are?
I am not the most educated person, I've never been to college other then the token frat party. But there are things I know. There are things I'm gifted at. And yet there are people in my life that over look those things; that turn a blind eye, and nod as if they get what I'm saying; and then disregard it because it came from MY mouth.
I am NOT perfect. I do NOT need to be right all the time, in fact I enjoy being wrong; because that means I can be corrected; made better, LESS flawed.
(You have to be worked/moved/change in order to learn)

 But when I know something, something helpful something important, something that will make a big difference in how things will get better...and then just get disregarded. Well, it kinda sucks.
Can you imagine what this world would be like if Jesus' teachings got disregarded?
I am NOT comparing what I know to what Jesus did, or myself to Jesus in ANY way; what I'm trying to say is: think of life as a tool box. So you have this tool box and the longer you live the more tools you acquire, the more tools you acquire, the more jobs you become handy with. Why in the world would you NOT use a tool in your tool box when it's available to you? Instead, you struggle and toil and use that awful duct tape as a temporary fix. Duct tape CAN be a good thing, we some on our car right now, but only because we haven't acquired that particular tool yet.
I feel like the missing tool, the misplaced tool, the tool that was forgotten under the hot water heater and left to rust. If you were to look back over my job list, you'd see I have some mad skills in a certain area, I have even been witnessed demonstrating those mad skills, but when I try to teach the skill to someone else I get the nod and maybe even a possible white lie. So are we all just suppose to sit back in our tool boxes and wait for Handy Manny to decide our projects? Who is Handy Manny anyways?
I don't know, maybe this is to vague and I lost you all at Fluffy, because you are now thinking about cotton candy or pillows or baby ducks. Or maybe the reference to tools made eyes glaze over because you live with a tinkerER and if you see or hear one more tool you're gonna blow a gasket! (Gasket=tool. ah ha.) In which case, then we have something in common because I just want to BE ME. (You want to be you, not a tool.)
I want to be liked and appreciated for what I bring to the _________ (you can insert the word you like)
I know that I'm beautifully and wonderfully made, now if only those in my box could see that YES Virginia; Hammers DO exist and CAN be very very helpful.

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  1. well I know God has used you as a "tool" in my life!! (corny but I mean it!) how you share your heart in your writing is a gift that I for one have really enjoyed and learned from!


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