Monday, June 28, 2010

What's up.

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Saturday we had soccer tournaments all day long, that's right this indoor gal spent a good 8 hours sitting outside sweating like you wouldn't believe, watching soccer. I have the farmer tan to prove it and a bloody shirt!
I, because I am a complete wimp, sat under an umbrella all day. It was awful humid and I tried too move as little as possible. My husband, the stud, got a bloody nose in the middle of a game and we had to use an extra jersey. He was a little dehydrated. Both kiddos lost their games but showed great improvement in their second games. Butter is a natural, now she just needs develop those skills. Roo just enjoys running around with other boys. He could careless about kicking the ball. They both have asked to play soccer again, which warms my heart; then again that could be the thought of another tournament spent in the blazing hot sun for 8 hours...
{shake it off Sar}
Today I enjoyed a day of baking and I got the new Steph Meyers book in the mail, I plan to have that little number read by tomorrow!
I have been reading a lot lately. I finished a book called Kindred; about a woman living in the 1970's when she gets transported in time to the late 1800's antebellum south. Did I mention she's a young black woman?
It was fascinating and soul-crushing.
I am also smitten with Mitch Rapp. Um, he is this super-cia-black-opps-agent that is out fighting the war on terror. Written superbly by one of MN's own Vince Flynn. Rob got me hooked on these. I borrow the audio versions at the library so Rob has something to listen to on the paper route and I listen to them in bed. White knuckle roller coaster rides they are.
After I finish 'Eat Pray Love' I plan to start the Stieg/Steig Larsson trilogy about a girl kicking a hornets nest, or starting a fire or getting a tattoo...
That's about it, so if you don't hear from me, don't worry I only got lost in a book. Eventually I'll find my way back to you.
Hope you are reading something enjoyable this summer.

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  1. the sad thing is that I haven't picked up a book since before graduation!! It seems my life has not slowed down enough for me to have a few moments to read.....I hate that!


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