Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The one where I warn you.

How much of  your life do you keep private?
Do you tend to share more on your blog then you do in real life?
I'm the kind of person that means what they say and says what they mean. I share a lot here on this blog, but one thing I will not do is LIE.
I think lying is STUPID.
Lying can be:
purposeful intent of misleading
misleading by evasion when asked directly
and just plan, flat out  not telling the truth.

I can NOT stand lying. It drives me right up the wall.
So when I ask someone: "Hey did you read my blog today?" And they look at me like I'm stupid and say "No. I haven't had a chance. OR No. I don't even have to the link." And then something shows up on my feedreader...I start to get a little irked.
Look I DON'T CARE if you read the blog, but don't TELL me you don't and go sneaking around..
Lying is only going to get you into a pickle.
See because I don't hold back here, this is MY place and if you want to read what's on this heart and in this head, you are reading at your own risk. and if you happen to be family chances are you'll be mentioned in posts, and if you don't like what you read and then treat me differently because of what you SAID you wereN'T reading.
Yep, bee in my bonnet. I'm a little ready to sting...

Here's the thing:
I write because A) I have that freedom. I live in the USA where that freedom was bought and paid for brave patriots.
I write because B) I have a gift. (that's not conceded, it's ownership and acknowledgement of what God gave me.)
I write because C) I enjoy the outlet.
I write because D) I wanted to connect with others like me who enjoy encouraging one another and being transparent in that journey.

I am not a mean person, nor do I go around talking behind people's backs. Other's do that about me, and that's fine, I can't change people or please them. I have stopped trying. I share information for other's to understand ME better, not to stir up trouble, or make other's look bad. Most people don't need help with that. We are all imperfect. Trying to pretend you are is just plan dumb. Trying to PRETEND that you are perfect is dumb. Pointless and worst of all a lie.
If you can't be real here, you don't belong reading here. If you can't take the honesty here, you don't belong reading here. And if you can't be HONEST with me, keep reading eventually you'll find a post dedicated to you and your sneaky sneakerness.

Sorry ya'll just had to gethat off my chest.

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  1. If you can't be real here, you don't belong reading here....you go girl! life is too short to be playing the fake or pretend game!!! transparent is my favorite word!


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