Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soccer's started.

Soccer went well! We had the first games of the season. My son likes running up and down the field and then falling down nowhere near the ball or other players, he just likes to roll around. Mmkay.
This mamma spent most of that game yelling "Stay on your feet Nick! Where's the ball Nick?"
Or if it was his turn in goal "Nick! Watch the YOUR game!" He was watching every game other then the won he was suppose to be goalie-ing for! I will say, boys are hilarious, they are little rockets, it's good to see them expel energy on something fun instead of taking it out on siblings or couches!
The girls, whom my Husband coaches, play quite well. After thinking they WON, I was told they had actually lost. Apparently the goalies sat INSIDE the goal, so the though they "stopped" the ball, it was over the goal line. (refs don't keep score, but we all know coaches do.) I was happy to see that each of the girls stepped up and showed no fear in the goal!
I {heart} soccer. I learned to love the game when I cheered for it in High School, and then when I lived in Boston it was a whole new level of passion for the game. I am looking forward to watching how each one of my kids grow in their skills and teamwork.

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