Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"I don't want to be your friend anymore!"

Do you remember when you were in grade school and you'd get so ticked at your friend/or they at you and someone would inevitably say "I don't want to be your friend anymore!"
That is how I feel about Yoga today!
I made my first yoga class. In some ways it was what I had expected and in others it was very much harder.
Class started with a session of "Ommmmmm"ing. As in OOOOOOOOHHHHEEEEMMMMMMMMMM
It was clear the instructor was the only one taking this seriously, because the less she heard from us, the louder she got! I opened one eye and looked around, the guy next to me had this grin on his face.
Then we started stretching, I was a good three poses behind, having never done yoga other the on Wii fit, and this wasn't NO Wii fit!
I had to take a break after the first set of stretches. Are my wrists really that weak?? Funny I hadn't noticed that in my typing, or treadmilling!
Next comes some moves I have never in my life thought about doing much less tried. This body said "NO to the WAY girlfriend."
Then the farting started.
Ah huh, I said farting. (would you prefer tooting? This was NO tooting, this was loud enough to make one think an alarm was going off out in the parking lot!)
Every movement, there was a sound to punctuate it. I could not help myself I started to giggle, I looked over at the guy who had been grinning and I swear I caught him trying to stifle his laughter too. Our instructor has bat like hearing and said aloud "FOCUS! We must focus on being in the moment..."
I was in the moment and at the moment someone was farting tooting.
Finally a pose I could do, but it could not have looked pretty for the person behind me! No toots from this gal! No sirree, I took care of that business at home...
Again I was reminded that I have weak wrists and now I could add ankles. Smiley guy and I just kept shaking our heads and smiling. Giving each other a nod if they looked half way close to the instructor.
"Now for a challenge you may..."
As we all tried to balance on the ball of our one foot reaching out in front of us and holding the other leg out behind us, the guy to my right lost his balance focus and fell into the wall of equipment.
She piped up "FOcus on your core, feel the air support you..."
Smiley guy and I lost it; both of us let out a muffled chuckle, which was curtly met with a look of death from our instructor.
The stinky air was going to support me eh?
"Breath in through your mouth...OUt through your nose"
Did I just hear smiley guy say "DUH!"
I noticed another gal rolling up her mat, I quickly followed suit and gave smiley guy a look that said
"Good luck to ya, I'm outta here!"
I have learned that my bottom half is more bendy then my top and I was really disappointed in my arms, weak flabby things!
Other then that I think I will FOcus on trying not to laugh the rest of the day when I remember the farting tooting!

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  1. Oh, that's AWESOME!! HAHA!!! When Rindy and I run, sometimes I just have to tell her, "Look, farting's going to happen. You're just going to have to deal." Running seems to increase it...lol!!!


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