Monday, July 12, 2010

Is Chafed.

Okay bloggy friends I need some help!
since I started working out, I've noticed some chaffing in a strange place.
Under my boobs!
What the grapes is this about?
Is my sports bra too tight? Too loose?
I powder before and after but I'm in pain here. It's itchy and red and hurts when I wear anything.
{yes, YES I DID just post this on blogger!}
ANYONE got suggestions?


  1. Ummm ... not sure about that one. Maybe a tighter sports bra.

  2. I know what you need!! You need Glide. It's the best stuff EVER. I get it at the running store. You put in on anywhere that chafes...When I run I put it around my arms where my sleeve hits, and then it won't rub me raw.

    PS - love the new blog design!!

  3. I used glide too on my inner thighs. it's amazing!! and works great. maybe vaseline would work if you can't find this stuff.


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