Wednesday, July 21, 2010

See what sass will get you?

Lately, and I don't know if it's summer or age stage, but Butter has been talking alot more sassy. I'll ask her to do something: "Butter Please clean up your stuff and put it in your room."
In return I get something like: "My stuff is cleaned up." or "I am." or "aggggghhhhh"
She must always have the last word and she uses me instead of I.
"Me want jelly sandwich for lunch."
"Me wearing a dress today."
This drives ME absolutely crazy!
So I've instituted consequences for it.
It's better explained by photo, you get the full range of emotion that way.

Gives "Talk dirty to me" a whole new meaning doesn't it? She's lucky I don't buy rubber gloves for the job. ;)

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  1. Hahaha! I just told my boys that if they didn't like cleaning up the yard with the rake, I could grab a plastic bag and they could do it with their hands! Suddenly the rake didn't seem too bad!


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