Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ready to go.

I couldn't be more ready to go!
No really, I bought a new carry-on for the trip. I needed a bag that was a total of 45" or less!
I'm trying to cut my packing if HALF. Seriously, I think of every possible thing I MAY need, including a first aid kit complete with instant ice pack and vet wrap for twisted ankles. This is why I don't can't travel. I need too much stuff "in case". So, this trip I'm trying to go "green". I'm actually going to wear my carpi's twice. Only bring two pair of shoes. No shampoo/soap/conditioner. That's why the give you those "freebies". Yep, We are only going for 4 days and that could mean 8 different outfits and possibly 10 pair of shoes. No, really it could. But since I'm against the airlines charging me for checked bags and the government seems to think it's OKAY for them to screw charge me, I'm going to use the tools offered to me. My 45" total carry-on, my 36" total "personal bag" and some other nifty finds. It's just going to take some ingenuity on my part. {I'm making Rob bring two bags too! One is a dummy bag for souvies.}
Rob came into the bedroom and said "What are you doing?" As he looked at the all the stuff covering the bed.
I stared at him. Mildly offended and a then embarrassment hit, as I thought how silly this must look.
"Sara, we don't leave for another 15-16 days."
"18." I corrected.
"Okay, 18. You're going to pack now?"
"Well...I...I'm just...SO!"
He shook his head and laughed at me. Then he picked up the bag.
"What's this?" He asked.
"It's one of those space saver bags for traveling!" I announced proudly.
Again he looked amused.
I grabbed the other two empty ones and held them up. "Look, I've got two more! You can pack too!"
"I need my clothes! I can't believe you are packing. You know you're going to be packing and unpacking until we go, because you'll forget what you've packed or have to double check."
I stood there thinking about this. He was RIGHT. He knows me so well. Drat. I unpacked everything, taking meticulous notes on what outfits, and accessories I'll need for each day...
I'm just ready to go.
Ready to:
  • Hold Rob's hand.
  • Not have to look behind me to make sure everyone is following.
  • Have a break from the whining, sassing, "I want a snack" ING.
  • Eat when I want.
  • Sleep when I want.
  • Explore a new city.
  • Spend time with the man I fell in love with.
  •  Get my PACK ON!
I am ready to go to Chicago.


  1. Oh, you're going to have such a great time!! Make sure to take lots of pics!!

  2. Ha ha. I did something similar a few years ago when my hubby and me went on our annual anniversary trip to Ohio/Indiana/Chicago. I purposely under-packed to counter my usual over-packing. I couldn't find a thing to where once I got there. LOL. We went to see Wicked while in Chicago. Awesome!! Have a wonderful trip, stay safe, and don't worry about a thing!! That's what vacations are all about... be blessed, bobbi

  3. oops. I mean wear. I couldn't find a thing to WEAR..


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