Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cause for Celebration

I changed my profile pic. I'm wearing the oh so cute dress I bought especially for our trip to Chicago.
(Note: I saw many of these same dresses, only different colors as we walked up & down Michigan Ave.)
I felt very sheek, even though I spent less then $20 at Tarche' Boutique. {Target}
Now that I gave you that price, take into consideration that the drink I'm holding; called a Snapdragon was $15. Yeah, nearly as much as my dress! (note to self: darken the eyebrows!)
I will tell you about the drink in a moment, but first I want to clarify that I am not much of a drinker.
  • I like to pick drinks that cost too much to drink many of.
  • I don't like spending money on things that have little to offer in return. Booze/gambling/high heels shoes...
  • I don't like the effects being drunk has on one person.
  • I don't like the next day after one has um, been over served.
So, now when I do allow myself a bit of a celebration; It is only because my children have all been responsibly cared for over night, I have sober means to get "home". I have not been dealt a bout of "the curse".
Our cause for celebration was two fold really. First we were celebrating our first trip away from the munchkins in nearly 3 years. This was our first flight away from home since our honeymoon in 2002!
 Second, we decided to have drinks and dessert at  the swanky Trump Tower in Chicago.
We waited 2 hours for a table on the 16th floor patio/ lounge appropriately called  '16' .
While we waited; I bellied up to the bar for this sweet little concoction.
Grey Goose vodka, Strawberry puree, Agave syrup, and some Rose' bubbly something. It was like drinking summer in a glass! It was sweet and delicious and very VERY deadly. I only had one.
Once we got out to the patio, which my chivalrous man stealthily concealed his guidance of my unbalanced and mildly buzzed body to our table, where we were sat directly in front of the river and in PERFECT view of the  9:30PM fireworks.  It was breathtaking. We ordered dessert and some more drinks. I ordered champagne, I won't tell you the price of that. Mostly because I don't want to remember my complete disregard for being thrifty! The dessert(s) were very pricey too. One was worth it the other I think we were robbed!
First the S'more: (the picture quality is not good, it was dark out and my camera is not as fancy as some of you have.)
It was nothing like I expected, and I kept asking "Now it's not graham crackers and marshmallows right?"
Even the waitress couldn't describe it to me.
It was by far the fanciest dessert I've ever had and that tops the flaming strawberries we had on our honeymoon!
The second dessert was two TINY ice cream cones. One had coconut ice cream and the other mango with some banana ganash in the bottom. This was defiantly a disappointment.
But the view and the company was STELLAR!

More trips details to come. For now I just want to linger on this one perfect evening that we enjoyed celebrating!


  1. I heart Chicago and miss going there!!!

    and btw, you look marvelous!!!!

  2. I love Chicago too. And, the dress is super cute. I have the exact same one, but long-sleeved.


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