Friday, August 27, 2010

Giving in to the urge.

I can be so anal neurotic. There I've said it.
At times I have to fight an internal battle.
"I.must.get.this.done." VS "You've got time.It doesn't have to be done this second. Relax"
See I used to be a procrastinator. A very BIG procrastinator.
Maybe that was when I knew I had someone there to, you know, chap my hide if I waited too long?
My Mom was a STICK~LER. I mean her wrath was fearsome! I liked rebelling against it. Must have driven her C~razy!
Now, something snap, crackled and popped because if there is something looming, I will DO it even if that means weeks in advance!
Example: Christmas.
I love Christmas time. I love decorating. With the exception of unwrapping all of the ornaments. REwrapping them is even WORSE then UNwrapping...
I start seeing Christmas items at Target around Mid-October. GRRRRRRR.
So by the time Thanksgiving comes I'm foaming-at-the-mouth-ready to engage!
Right around the 20th of December I'm already dreading the labor intensive putting AWAY the decorations. Christmas hasn't even come, but in my head I'm thinking. I have 2 birthdays coming...If I don't get this stuff down, it'll be up until the end of January!
I used to change things with every season. Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter stuff, my mind has decided that that is just TOO much work. And the garage agrees, too much junk!
When I knew we were going to Chicago, I was packing that very night, with 20 days to go! Excitement? Maybe. Good Planning? Sure... Or just plain nuts? Uh duh!
Shortly after we booked our Chicago trip, we booked a family vacation too. It's been sneaking up on me and I've been trying to ignore it. But today, with laundry caught up and just days to go before we leave I'm giving in to temptation. In order for this storm to feel calm And being organized means having clothes packed, snacks packed, lists made for the animal's caretaker and an itinerary of things we'd like to do. Without a plan, oh I can't EVEN go THERE. The thought gives me palpitations!
Today I need to make a short list of goodies, tomorrow will be spent grocery shopping and such for the trip...I'm really cutting it short; for me anyways.

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  1. I have my Christmas tree up and decorated by the end of October!!!! I say anytime after Thanksgiving is fair game (In Canada Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October)


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