Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tale of a Windy and VERY hot city part 2

There wasn't much sleeping in. First of all the horns start honking promptly at 7AM. And the continental breakfast was only offered 6:30AM-9:30AM and if you weren't out there by 7AM everything was picked over... and I wasn't going to walk out there looking like this...
I'm going with the smallest size pic on this one, the fact that I took it and am bravely posting it says volumes! The heat took my hair to an all new level of frizzy, wingy, uncontrollable! I had eighties hair nearly every morning! Good grief, and to think I actually wanted hair like this back then!?!
We went on a trolley ride, we were suppose to ride a double decker bus but it was too stinking hot to sick out in the sun! The trolley rides was loads of fun, we had a wonderful tour guide who had a great sense on humor! Here are some pics from that.
Not sure which buildings they are...I just thought they were pretty. I think the one on the left is the Tribune Building.
These two buildings cracked me up. The bottom was parking garages where the cars are backed in and they look like they could fall right off. According to our tour guide only two cars have ever fallen off, and they were both for movies! The architect didn't like corners and there is a heated marina underneath it where residents can keep their boats in the water year round. Wonder what the rent is like there?

Ah, yes. The Sears Willis Tower. According to our tour guide, they have an express elevator you can ride to get to the "skydeck". He said to imagine the tube at the bank where you put in your deposit, close the door and the thing shoots through the tube, only WE would be the canister. NO THANKS!
You can see the "skydeck" if you look closely on the left hand side, those tiny blimps on the side on the building, where you can actually stand on and it's like your on air. Again, NO THANKS! I don't like heights, matter of fact one of my friends posted a pic of the view from the skybox and posted it on Facebook, my exact comment was: I think I'm going to be sick!
DA BEARS! Oh I wanted to tour Soldier Field SO BAD, but there wasn't a tour while we were there. The Bears are one of my favorite teams and Also wanted a t-shirt but Rob put his foot down!
Navy Pier. Wasn't so jazzed about this. First it was bloody hot, second it was really touristy and I just want to experience the city like the people who LIVE there do, not because somebody said oh, hey you gotta see Navy Pier...
On the tour we met a man and his sons. They were from Mexico and we enjoyed talking with them very much.
This is Jose and his sons Imanol (17) and Xavier (7). When I asked if I could take their picture so I could show my children the nice people we met they were gracious to say yes and then they wanted to take ours, exchange email and keep in touch. Which we have already begun doing.

I have know idea why it looks like night, because it was during the day, we must have gone into the tunnel. Which, according to our tour guide, is a favorite place for Hollywood to shot car/chase scenes. Most recently The Dark Knight, and filming while we were there Transformers 3. Nope, I did not see Shia, or Josh and Oprah wasn't in town either. That was one of the first things our tour guide said: "For those of you hopeing to see Lady O she is not in town, but I will point out where she lives later in the tour." She lives in the top two floor of the Ritz Carlton, in case you were wondering.
The views of the city from out near the lake were AMAZING!
I've got two more days to share...later.


  1. Yay Chicago!!! I love that city. So many interesting and fun things to see and do.

  2. So much fun "going on your trip" with you. :)
    Our "just the two of us" trip to Chicago was such a fav!!Love it.

  3. Oh, I want to go back to Chicago!! It was so much fun. We didn't go to the Navy Pier, though maybe we didn't miss much. ;) Love your pics!

  4. I grew up in the Chicago area, and you're making me homesick!

  5. So glad you all had a nice visit! Looks like a great time! And did come during a very hot and sticky time!! Sorry about that humidity! Can't wait to see more!


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