Monday, September 20, 2010

What do Target and Roo have in common?

I spent my weekend trying to recover from this blasted cold. My head hurt something fierce all weekend. I woke up this morning feeling much better until I stood there making my coffee and it hit me...What is that...singing!?!? that? Christmas music?!?!? What the?
I called out to Roo. "What are you watching?"
"Spongebob Christmas."
I had to choke back the vomit.
If I could remember WHO bought him this video, I would be sending them a "care package" that the cat left on the deck.
Since I was sick this weekend, parenting fell to Hubby. He can be lots of fun! Ride bikes, play catch, play board games...but if he happens to be "in charge" when the Gators are playing, I might as well have left them alone.
Roo got into "the closet".
"The closet" is wear I keep stuff that I don't want the kids getting into. It has one of those child~proofing thing~a~majigs on it. Wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, toys that have been consequenced. He found the bin of Holiday movies.
When he asked Daddy; "Can I watch this spongebob movie?"
His dad replied; "YeS! GO! Go!go! go! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I heard Butter say "Dad, Roo's in the closet."
He replied; "That's alright, it's 3rd and 10. 3rd and 10."
I heard her say "Dad says you can watch it 3 times not 10."
I should have gotten up, I should have marched downstairs and told him that the closet was off limits and he knows that. We all must pick our battles right?
So what does Target have in common with my son?
They both seem to be excited to start with the Christmas spirit!
Yes, right there next to the Halloween costumes, a row full of lights...
Ba Humbug!

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  1. So cute! Hope you're feeling better. Loved this post.


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