Tuesday, November 30, 2010

These boots.

One of my friends on Facebook asked us to add to her "Favorites list" Like Oprah only she's not Oprah.
She gave her new favorite bottle of wine, added some other things and last on her list was "Pickles" It made me laugh, because I have known this gal for 25 years, I was a little girl when I met her and I looked UP to her. I remember fondly "fighting" over getting the last pickle in the jar when she came over. Now, flash forward 25 years and I stand a wee bit taller, unless she has on her "stage" boots. Hubby and I recently went and saw her sing. Man, that little body's got a big ol voice in it!
Anyway, I decided to add my picks to her list, which started a whole new topic:
Is there such a thing as Minnesota Sexy?
That depends I guess, but I say yeah, yeah there is. We spend most of our time bundled up. It's not about fashion here, it's about survival aka warmth.
My favorites:
  • Fuzzy socks
  • rubber bottom slippers so when you step on wet floor from snow being dragged in, your fuzzy socks don't get wet.
  • Pomegranate~Vanilla tea latte from Caribou (It's been my fave for almost a year, it's the ONLY thing I order.)
  • My ipod Christmas on the go mix. All MY faves and NONE of those blasted radio standards.
  • Watching Survivor: Hubby and I think they should stop with the tropical locations and stick people in Minnesota in the dead of winter. Gives "Having Fire in this game" a whole new meaning!
  • Ranger winter boots from Fleet Farm.
Here's wear the sexy comes in. I have cute knee high dress boots that make my legs look all niiice. I have Ugg boots, which I've had for 3 years now. And no it's not time to replace them, I can't wear them much 'round these parts because they can't take the snow aka wet.
So what's a girl got to wear to get around to shop and errand and mingle?
Not little ankle high ones, if you were to step into a snow bank they would fill up with freezing cold snow.
You need boots that go half way up your calf, and if the snow is deeper then that, you just don't go OUT. Unless you have a great pair of snowshoes, which I do not.
They also need to have rubber bottoms and be waterproof. They need to be easy on, easy off.
Readers; I give you:
RANGER SNOW BOOTS from~ Fleet Farm.

It has taken me YEARS to find the perfect boot for Minnesota winter that fit my wide feet.

Now you might think they don't look too sexy now, but you are seeing them with pajama bottoms on. You'll just have to wait until I get my snow gear on.
Pants, jacket, mittens, fur hat...yes FUR hat. Just you wait...there is not an Eskimo around that could resist me.


  1. OMG! Love this post, Sara!!! And, I'm lovin' the PJ's & boot-boot pics!! You've brightened my day and my face with a smile, as always.

    Thanks for link on your spot! That's five entries for you, my dear - - any other takers?!

    You're the best!
    Oh & I'm diggin' the new design - so VERY festive ... Lo-OVE it! :)

  2. baby's got boots!! those are cute, no really! you rock 'em girl.

  3. I'm wearing fuzzy socks right now. LOVE!

    You're totally rocking those boots! Gotta love the Midwest winters.


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