Thursday, December 2, 2010


This has been a crazy few weeks.
I got news that there was concern for my Mom's heart.
Mother and I haven't gotten along the greatest over the years, but things have gotten better.
Truths have been told, and accepted.
Hurts that have stung for many years, are now being healed.
I have drawn closer to Mother, and haven't allowed her to push away.
At times it was heart~wrenching, but God is working here.
Today Mother had her angio~cardiogram. She was nervous, scared when I saw her this morning.
Before they took her in; I held her hand and prayed over her, something I've never done before in front of her. I know if meant a great deal to her.
the results: Minor plague. No need for a stint or more surgery.
Sweet relief!
She looked great, she even said it wasn't as bad as she thought it would be!
It was nice for me to be able to love on her, she was pinned to the bed and wasn't able to move, doctors orders. Tough job for a lady used to doing things for herself.
She was my helpless captive! ;) And I loved every moment of service.
The doctor encouraged her to exercise. Which she is excited about, now that she knows she won't keel over or drop dead. ;) her words not mine.
We have made plans to do the YMCA together. Now that I'm a pro and all. (wink wink)

I've been sorta "pushy", bringing up scripture, talking about my wonderful bloggy friends that some just happen to be married to pastors, telling her about church messages, books I'd recommend.
We're starting small, I'm going to get her a daily devotional. Something she can read each day that won't overwhelm her, but gives her a taste of God's grace and love.

Maybe sometimes it has to literally start with with the heart?

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