Monday, December 6, 2010

Letter to God.

Hello God.
Hi, how've ya been?
Busy I'm sure; tis the season and all that.
Yeah, so I know we talk, like, EVERYday, sometimes maybe three or four times; but hey a girl's got a lot on her mind!
So, maybe you've heard: we are in need of some miracles.
First, this job situation with Rob. Have you seen the guy lately? Looks like a truck ran over him on the inside. He needs some passion in his life, and not the kind his wife can give.
The mortgage: What the reindeer farts is going on?!?!? Seriously, where are they getting their numbers, what calender are they looking at and *cough* bail out?! Yeah, see the taxes we pay? the taxes they seem to think should be added to our take-home bout they just assume that the taxes we've paid in the last five years just went into their pocket and we can just about call it even!
My kids: God, I love my kids. But if they break ONE MORE ornament...write on ONE MORE wall with permanent marker...argue ONE MORE time about who gets to play with baby Jesus little people manger or who can sing WHAT Christmas carol: I will start throwing cookie dough!
The car: Oh sweet Subaru you've been so good, but really you can NOT start failing us. No I'm serious, you simply can't. Suck it up Suebee you're not getting replaced right now, unless God decides we the winners of some obscure Christmas car lotto that just happen to pick our address?!
You could do that right God?
And one last teenie tiny thing: Their are certain people in my family that could use some extra love. I'm counting on YOU for that.
Don't be such a stranger 'round here K?
I love you God.
Your daughter,


  1. Sometimes it seems as though things will never work out, but they always do. Just said a prayer... :)

  2. I SO get this. Had a similar conversation with our Father this afternoon. Miss you, keep your chin up and keep the sass comin', it makes all the difference sometimes. Much love to you and yours, C~


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