Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cookies would have been sweet, but my son is sweeter!

DOH! I was suppose to be posting a cookie recipe today to join in Sara's Cookie Recipe Exchange Meme, but Oh my cookies, it's been a week.
Rob and I decided to do Butter's friend party early this year. (her birthday is on the 27) This way freeing up some stress for the end of the month. The problem with that, adding stress to the front end of the month. Butter went to her first slumber/birthday party last month, and asked if she could have one for her birthday. I have six girls coming Friday night. Only five will be staying. We're trying decide on food, and treats and movies to watch and games to play...and the all important "gift bag loot".
Last night my body gave me a little wake up call. I had had a headache all day, and had been feeling cold, regardless of the layers I had on. By the time evening rolled around I was aching everywhere and shivering. I went to bed at 6:30PM, with the heating blanket cranked up and the heating pad on high on my back!
It must have been bedtime for the kids because Roo snuck in and cuddled up to me. I gave him a kiss and told him good night and this is what he said to me:
"I Love you Mommy! I hope you feel better tomorrow. Do you know that kids love their mommy's the best, because the mommies give birth to them."
Well, I think his love logic worked because I am feeling much better today. I plan on vegging out today. There is always tomorrow to get the stuff I need done by Friday.
I am just sorry I didn't get my cookies done for the meme...

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