Monday, February 7, 2011

So I've been warned.

I finally got my butt in to see the eye doctor. I had been procrastinating; not because I hate going, but because it makes me nervous when I go through all the trying things on and debating which new frames I should get...they give me the total.
It never fails to stun me.
I feel like we've been spending money like millionaires.
We purchased a "new" van; that I have yet to take pictures of. Not today, it's dirty and so cold, I refuse to get it washed or the doors will freeze shut.
We needed a new wash machine, which should be arriving Wednesday. Woo hoo!
There had been more drama with the "Where did they credit the prior purchase and WHY are we getting overdraft statements?"
Oh, yeah did they screw up again, but made it TOTALLY right the next day.
I've been warned told that Jeff the general manager wants to see me.
Yeah, they probably have my picture up in the staff room labeled: Watch out for this ONE!
ha ha ha.
Tradition round here dictates a romantic special dinner for Valentines day. We are high class over here. Four of us like steak, two lobster and three crab legs.
Bought all my goodies for that.
Hubby woke up one day about a month ago declaring: "We need a new bed! I can't take this anymore!"
I had reached that point two years ago!
So we spent an afternoon trying all kinds of beds. The one we wanted was like heaven, cloud like, if it weren't for having my bra on I swear I could have fell asleep right there in the store, but I can't sleep in a bra. Instead, we bought the affordable, yet comfortable bed. Beds are not cheap. Shocking really.
If Jesus hasn't already, He will be adding that kingsdown to my mansion.

It was time again for hubby to voice his needs.

"I think I need new glasses."

"Yep, it's been four years for you, two for me."

We went got checked out, he is bummed that he needs bi-focals. I was stunned to find that my right eye has been slacking and the left picking up all the work load. I went up a full point and a half in my right eye! I am a -6.75 in my right eye.
Hello coke bottle.
After spending two days searching for the perfect frames, at three different stores! I found them. They are rimless at the bottom.
I have been warned told that with my prescription being as it is the lens might be too thick...
I was ready to blow a gasket. I went into the maze of frames searching for a full frame.
With each one failing to delight my fancy. After an hour, yes 60 whole minutes passed, and me being on the verge of cracking and when I say cracking I'm talking, full out crying in public and looking like a complete lunatic.
I told the sweet gal, I have to go with what I originally picked.
She gave me a look.
I have been warned.
I was doubting myself.
What would I do if she was right and they looked ridiculous on me?
But I can't find any that I like!
None of these are working?
Screw it! I'm going with what I picked.
I was so excited for both my new pairs.
I got super big frames for my sunglasses, just in case the paparazzi come stalking.
She did say I had 30 days if for any reason...
I'm going with my gut. Gosh, I hope I don't regret this.
Rob had to give up his first choice, he needs bigger lenses to fit in his bi-focals. This was before I realized I'd have to re-search for my pair. So the sweet gal helped us with Rob. They are not what we had in mind, but I am excited to see how his turn out.
As for mine I'm crossing my fingers.
Now on to some bragging rights.
I am a Stat~Super Bowl Champion!
Hubby and I went head to head on making game calling stats: Who would score the first touchdown, win the coin toss, head or tails, fumble first, sack a QB get the picture.

I won.
Got the must right, scored the most points.
It wasn't by much and there was some disagreement on his part, but he can't deny I got the most guesses right.
Hee hee, I am just giddy!
He is this sports junkie, listens to sport talk radio every day, can rattle off facts and figures and stats like an encyclopedia, but when it came to predictions...He got SERVED!


You've been warned. :)

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  1. can't wait to see your new glasses. as one who HAS to wear glasses..I can totally feel your pain about finding new is worse than finding a bathing suit in my book!!!


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