Monday, February 14, 2011

Open Hearts!

 I love Valentine's day.
I am a romantic, I love the frills of it.
The idea that there is a day (even if it was invented by Hallmark to boost sells in the after Christmas slump) Is that even true?
I don't care: I love that there is a day where we get to go crazy with our expressions of love.
We wear red and heart socks.
We fancy up the table, and not worry about messing up the napkins.
We have fancy heart plates, and drink from pretty wine glasses. (even if they are filled with milk.)
We have a special meal. (Crab legs and lobster tails)
A love box that contains special handwritten love notes that we read out-loud.
It is the day we open our hearts...
And let the love pour out.
 We give flowers. It's become a contest, who can get the BEST deal on them!

 We give chocolate in heart shaped boxes, and yes eat them all! (they are little boxes.)
And those sweet little Valentines...
Yes, we love to open hearts on Valentine's day.
And if you stopped by here, I hope you know that You are LOVED, today and always! xoxoxo

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  1. Fun!! Hope you had lots of chocolates, lots of flowers, and lots of love today!!


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