Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheapskates and dance therapy.

It drives me crazy, well many things do, but specifically in this moment it would be cheapskates.
Or maybe I should call them greedy buggers.
"What's it worth to ya?"
Haven't you heard that giving generously and not asking for something in return is a lesson Jesus taught?
Build up your riches, not for this life but for the next...
But then again, when Jesus doesn't live in your heart; kinda hard to hear the Teacher speak.

What do you do when you are stuck waiting in the hallway?
You know when one door closes...
Waiting for the next door or even the window to open.
I am so ready to put on some gloves and pummel a pair of cheapskates that think walking on a loyal man is good business.
"I'd rather see you work longer here then have a second job."
Well of course you would, you'd still be paying the same wages for longer hours.

Got to work on my patience.
And if you hadn't guessed, there is a locked down on my mouth too. It's a good thing my brain needs to think about which letters I'm typing because if it was on instinct this post would have a parental warning on it!

*deep breath*
I am going to go take this out on Wii Just dance.
Who wants a piece of me?

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  1. LOL!! Dance your heart out and get a good score on Wii Just Dance!! Hope tomorrow goes better!


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