Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am going to briefly talk about our trip. I will share pictures and details a bit later. For now this is what I will share.
We had such a fabulous time at Disney, I mean there were signs the moment we got to the airport that this trip was meant to happen for us. The resort I chose was called the Swan & Dolphin resort it came highly recommended. While waiting for our plane we met our pilot who had a sense of humor about his serious job. He pointed out that we were flying on a "new" plane. The first in a new fleet that had special paint jobs. Do you know what our plane had painted on it?
A Dolphin.
Every other plane we saw had the old paint job, our plane was a dolphin, that, my friends is not a random chance.
Or when we checked in at the resort and were given our room # that just happened to be the same as our home address.
Yes, God was telling us "You are home. For 7 days this is your home, do not worry about where home will be for now it is here."

The mornings I was wide awake ready for our next adventure, ready to take on the Florida heat and sunshine. I hate heat, I worry if my SPF is high enough, caked enough to hold back melanoma...
Mornings and I definitely don't mix well. But this was different, I never had a lick of coffee. I was the last to fall asleep each night and the first bunny up and ready to go.
I was at peace. The things I worried about were my feet, and how long it would take outside for the kids to ask "When can we go to the pool?"
The dogs "barked" at the end of each day,that happily ended with a very hot foot soak.
I never once had to use my Pepto. Everyday I found it swift and easy to "drop the kids off at the pool."
(If you need that explained, I'll email you.) It became our secret talk.
"Have you dropped your kids off at the pool? You don't want those stinkers hanging around..."
(I'm smiling, thinking how this all sounds from the other side of the keyboard...)
The weather was out standing. Sun shine every single day.
Towards the end of the trip the heat really kicked in, at our last day at a park I felt myself draining, it was around 11am, I felt woozy, tired, cranky, head ache and ready to cry. Thankfully everyone wanted to be done and go to the pool. I drank so much water, it went straight from my throat to the outside of my skin. Nordic blood doesn't handle that heat so well, I felt curdled.
Disney was a magical place, we got to see it as a family.
For just a brief time we relaxed, enjoyed each other and most importantly, cared of nothing but having fun. That was exactly what we needed.
I promise pictures and stories are coming...


  1. yea for a great trip!! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Awww...I'm so glad everything was great!! =D

  3. Sounds truly wonderful!! I'm so glad that in the midst of crazy unknowns you were given the gift of a peaceful, restful vacation.


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