Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May's end.

Today I was planning on posting more about Disney. Share more pictures more stories...
But instead I was woken up this morning by my sweet husband with a gentle kiss.
Scared me half to death. We had plans to go look at a rental today, one I was excited about, because maybe just maybe after three months of looking at "No Ways!" this one looked like a good possibility.
I was expecting him to come home around 9:30am, it was only 7:30. I sat up and said "Your early."
He looked down at me and said "They fired me."
It was something I never thought would happen, not in a conceded arrogant kind of way. Rob is the only one who does what he does at his office. He's the tech guy, he estimates and puts together the bids, he solves material issues, he purchases the material for the jobs. Since last fall Metro has been "changing" Rob's former bosses (one being his Uncle) sold the company to the "Sale's guy" and the "Field Sup. Guy". Neither one knows exactly how important Rob is to their jobs. If Rob isn't there they can't get very far in their work. The "sales guy" brings in jobs, Rob bids them trying to come in low enough to win the job, high enough to make money on it. The job is awarded and "Field Sup guy" supervises the installation...
It smelt fishy right before we left, They asked Rob to teach Meg how to input bids into the system. He told them it isn't about punching numbers into a program. Last week was a short week, He went back to work Thursday and Friday. He returned today only to be asked to leave.
Bitter doesn't even begin to describe my heart. This man is LOYAL, TRUSTWORTHY, HARD-WORKING. It's like watching someone try to drive a car without a steering wheel or tires or brakes. They may not look like much, or be the shiny part of the car, but the car don't work without it.
Alright then.
After nineteen and half years, they part ways in a cold impersonal "We're letting you go..."

The timing couldn't have been better. (sarcasm)
Is there ever a good time to get kicked in the nuts?

This morning we were going to look at a rental that I found last Friday. I was excited about this one, until today. Today we find ourselves without verifiable income.

My head can not grasp what God's plans are from here.

My heart is struggling to keep faith, swallow back tears and keep moving even when I have know idea which direction I am suppose to be going right now.

It feels unreal. I feel like I'm walking in molasses and everybody is talking like Charlie Brown's teacher..."Wa wa wa wa wawawa."

If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me.~ Psalm 139:9-10

I will never stop reminding myself that God is the constant in my life that he is enough. No matter where I have to go, even across the "farthest oceans," God's hand will guide this family and give us strength for the tasks ahead.


  1. Sara, I don't know what to say except this blows. I hate that you and your sweet family are going through this. Even so, as always your outlook is so solid. I don't know what God's plan for y'all is either, but I do know He has one, and it's good. He's good.

    But it still blows.

    Praying for my Harry Potter friend!!

  2. ugh. All I have to say is ugh.

    Keep clinging. God is going to open doors at just the right time. He is preparing something for you and your family. He's just not ready to reveal it yet.

    In the mean time, we will be praying for you and supporting your family in any way we can.


  3. Oh Sara... I am so, so sorry. Words just fall short. This is not easy on any level. I am so glad that you and Rob have your faith and security right where it needs to be. It doen't take the sting away, but it comforts and meets you where you are at, and it gets you through!


  4. I am so very sorry, my friend. Praying for you.

  5. Wendi said it so well....words just fall short. I am so sorry Sara and I am praying for you.

  6. Oh, wow, Sara. I'm so sorry! This is hard stuff. I'm sure you're feeling defeated and hurt. Praying that God brings you comfort and peace in this! He has a plan....just keep trusting. Praying and sending you hugs!


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